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This Summer’s Faces Of Film Fests

It’s film fest time! Across the country this summer, gay films are unspooling and in seemingly larger droves than ever before. From Outfest to QFest, we’ve found our favorite guys who showcase their considerable talents in four features and one short this season, so make sure to catch these films when they come to a theater near you.

WHO: Paul Iacono (pictured above) 

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIM ON: MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger and the 2009 remake of Fame 

WHERE TO SEE HIM NEXT: Stealing every scene as the gay best friend in G.B.F. (which stands for Gay Best Friend). Playing Miami, Boston and elsewhere. 

WHY HE TOOK THE ROLE: “Darren [Stein, the director] said, ‘This character is a queen. He’s out there and he owns it.’ And that’s all he needed to say. By end of the first day I was nailing it, and the character grew from there. I was drawing on some of my favorite queer heroes, like Emory in Boys in the Band or Lohanthony of YouTube fame.” 

WHY WE WATCH: Iacono’s comic expressions and exaggerated movements are pure comic gold. And he’s a snazzy dresser. “Most of the wardrobe in the film—purple leopard shirt, little yellow boat shorts with African trimming, red jeans, blue felt glasses—[is all] mine. I dress out there.” 

WHAT HE HAS TO SAY ABOUT G.B.F.: Shooting a scene in which Iacono’s Brent is forced to watch Brokeback Mountain with his mother [Megan Mullally] was “unbearably funny” for Iacono. “It was difficult to shoot because she kept improvising, and I kept laughing.”



WHO: Marcus DeAnda 

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIM ON: Cougar Town and The Closer 

WHERE TO SEE HIM NEXT: As Ernesto, a lovelorn gay man in small-town Texas in the low-key but highly satisfying queer romantic drama Pit Stop. Playing Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and elsewhere. 

WHY HE TOOK THE ROLE: “My agent got a call for a film set in Texas [looking] for a tall Latin guy comfortable with same-sex intimacy. We laughed about that. When I learned it was for Yen Tan, who did Ciao, I thought, ‘Why can’t I do films like this?!’” 

WHY WE WATCH: DeAnda says little but speaks volumes; it may be the most extraordinary performance you’ll see all year. 

WHAT HE HAS TO SAY ABOUT PIT STOP: “Ernesto was quiet and private. He is like the gay men I grew up with: Latin and masculine, but they want to disappear into the background. It was a challenge because

I’m outgoing. He‘s a listener, not a talker; and he wants to understand the man he’s been in love with better. Everyday before we shot, I took my time and space to become Ernesto. He’s much like me—except he doesn’t want to be the center of attention or cause too much drama.”


























WHO: Marc Anthony Samuel 

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIM ON: Various TV shows including General Hospital, NCIS and Criminal Minds 

WHERE TO SEE HIM NEXT: As an actor researching a cop role and getting embroiled in a mystery in Hot Guys with Guns. Playing Miami, Boston and elsewhere. 

WHY WE WATCH: Samuel is sexy, charming and he knows how to use his weapon. 

WHY HE TOOK THE ROLE: “I’m proud to be part of a film that is opening up the genre of gay cinema. You don’t see much action comedy in gay cinema. I play a fully realized being, not a stereotype, and I think the film touches lightly on some of the realities of being a minority in Hollywood.” 

WHAT HE HAS TO SAY ABOUT HOT GUYS WITH GUNS: “We had a professional gun handler teaching us [gun] etiquette—how to hold and discharge.” As for hot guys? “It’s always a challenge to lie naked on top of other [guys]. Would I have done it if I had to? Absolutely! But I didn’t have to.”























WHO: Andrew Glaszek (seated)

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIM AS: A gym trainer/budding porn star (but still not a hustler) on the webseries Hustling

WHERE TO SEE HIM NEXT: As a city slicker rekindling a childhood flame in the poignant countryside romance Leather. Playing Philadelphia’s QFest.

WHY HE TOOK THE ROLE: “The character’s name was Andrew, and there were other things in the script—the family relationships—that pointed to my experience. Something in the universe was speaking to me in through the script.” 

WHY WE WATCH: This hot ginger-haired actor is buff—and often in the buff. 

WHAT HE HAS TO SAY ABOUT LEATHER: “I’m a city slicker and never been camping, but during filming I fell in love with upstate. I’m also not a family person…I saw Andrew as controlling in his relationship with his boyfriend, but then when he literally strips down, he lets go, and goes back to his childhood—a freer sense of self. As for the nudity, I’m not an exhibitionist, but I like material that is on the edge.”














WHO: Max Rhyser

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIM AS: Instinct‘s cover guy September 2010, and on In Between Men

WHERE TO SEE HIM NEXT: As a teacher who might find love at a sex party in the stunning short Chaser, which he co-wrote and co-produced. Playing Miami and San Diego.

WHY WE WATCH: Rhyser’s performance as a gay man leading a double life is pretty fearless.  

WHY HE TOOK THE ROLE: ”I’m in a vulnerable [sex] scene. There was this high of being there—I’m putting my money where my mouth is, and it’s important.”

WHAT HE HAS TO SAY ABOUT CHASER: “I’ve always been—we’ll use the word fascinated—by sex culture. Sal [Bardo, the director] and I had a compelling urge not to place judgment on [this] sub-sex cultures, but more to expose it and educate people. Chaser made me question how I could be foolish being a clever educated man.”