Why is A&F asking its models to put their shirts back on?
"In Soviet Russia, Siri Questions You."
Mr Gay New Zealand did!
Even more LGBT emojis were given to users in a Wednesday update
SalesForce has plenty to say to the Indianans who fought against the first version of the "religious freedom" law.
A list of more than 100 (and growing) leaders in tech have signed a statement demanding a nationwide end to LGBT discrimination.
"If you can play, you can play."
What does the LGBT legal org think of changes made to the "religious freedom" law?
"All are welcome in Indy!"
...and its owners are very happy with the new "religious freedom" law.
"We believe love is always welcome."
"We cannot, and must not, march backward from where we have come."
Now 20 out of 50 states have RFRA Laws. 12 more to follow this year.
Maybe they should expand, especially in their line of business.
More companies need to be as proactive as this, especially today.
and has a history of refusing service based on sexuality (AUDIO)
Indiana's decision to legalize discrimination against the LGBT has real world effects...
if SB 101 is passed. Why play chicken with narrow minded states? Pull out before the governor decides.
A Reddit user posts about a horrifying -- and completely legal -- incident in Mississippi.
If we can't afford D&G, what should we do?