While many compalin about the new audio messages, the app itself completely shut down.
The company once fought against NC's Anti-LGBTQ laws, so advocates worry this is the company selling out.
"Shining a light on the big business of sports and exposing a culture of exclusion, bigotry and discrimination"
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New Hampshire tea house continues to mix politics with marketing.
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After user protests and government criticism, Weibo decided not to ban its 392 million users from posting gay content.
The popular social media app announced it will be following China's censorship laws.
What do you do when three guys in a steam room are touching themselves and staring at you?
This court ruling could mean big changes for LGBTQ workers in Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
New Songs Drop April 12th! 
The conservative candidate lost because he focused on opposing gay marriage and not on Costa Rica's failing economy.
From part of Japan's first gay couples with a partnership certificate to possibly one of Japan's first openly gay celebs.
Let's look at how the film's performed both financially and socially.
Will the show help LGBTQ people, and LGBTQ issues, get more attention? They're hoping so.
Thanks to being so LGBTQ-friendly, the World Bank thinks Thailand could be a world leader in economic inclusiveness.
Are tag team partners Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi wrestling outside the ring?
"Whether big, tall or simply fall outside of the worlds standards, we are ALL handsome and worthy, FACT!”
Did you like or reblog any of these accounts?
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“It doesn’t have to be divisive. I think that everybody can come together over Marlon.”
With rave reviews, expensive marketing, and plenty of media coverage, it's a wonder why no one went to see it.
In a video interview, Wylie shares how his company collected data through FB and then targeted users with political ads.
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