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James Franco Dons Thong For Ellen's 2014 Calendar?

There are an overwhelming amount of beefcake calendars slated for 2014, causing us to feel faint and reach for the smelling salts each time a new product is announced. One that would definitely be hung with care at eye-level, however, is Ellen's DIY 2014 release, starring James Franco, thongs, and a cat. (All of it doctored in a Frankenstein or AHS: Coven way to match our dreams.)

James himself shared a few images with gusto on Instagram, along with the status: #ellen #catcalendar MERRY XMAS!!!! - ELLEN MADE ME tHIS CAlENDaR



​Catch the upcoming episode of Ellen featuring the James Franco calendar on November 18. 

(h/t: Perez)



Can none of you read? "All of it doctored" means Photoshopped... and that's why it's funny.

Photoshopping, and not even good photoshopping!

It's a speedo.  Totally fake.  Why is this even a thing?

I have to say Very Impressive... But SDM... In AMERICA they call a G-String a THONG, so this is why there is a reference to James wearing a THONG.. Perhaps that may be the Reason for Scandalous? Ass Cheeks a Showin! :p

Well I just thought I would bring you up to speed on the International Terminology SDM.. 

Whoops I Meant to say SDB... NOT SDM... SORRY!!

yeah it looks fake... thank you

These look shop'd. No, really.

Nobody has realized that these pics aren't James Franco's body, only his head, lol!

He looks great! But I hate that you're calling that a thong. I think that's just a speedo-like bathing suit or low-rise brief underwear. It's not that scandalous.

Wow I like it like that!

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