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Alec Baldwin Shows Off His Gay Hairstylist To Paparazzi To Prove He's Not A Homophobe

After yesterday's controversy, Alec Baldwin searched high and low for a "gay friend" and finally found one before sending the paparazzi his Google Maps location. Once the cameras arrived, Alec posed on the street triumphantly with his gay hairdresser, proof that he did not call a paparazzo a "cocksucking fag" on Thursday.

TMZ tries to make more sense of the theatrics:

Alec Baldwin just played the, "I have a gay friend" card ... putting his male hairdresser on the spot in front of reporters to vouch for his non-homophobia. It's shameless, it's desperate ... and quite frankly, it's sad. 

It wreaks of "dance monkey, dance" ... with Alec asking him straight up -- "Am I a homophobe?"

"I don’t think he’s homophobic. I don’t at all. Whenever he is in here, we are always talking and cutting hair. He booked an appointment for today, he always does and he is a good tipper.”

What does Alec posing on the street with his hairdresser prove to you?



No offense to anyone, but we already know Alec DOESN'T like the paparazzi so he is liable to throw anything out in anger, but does not mean that is how he feels. Come on now. Also don't you suck cock as a fag? Ijs Also I'm a fag.

For the record, I agree that Alec is probably a great guy but he should just apologize for this, vow never to do it again, and definitely stop these dumbassed stunts with his gay friends or service people. I don't care how accepting and wonderful he may be to our community because it all goes out the window when he uses " cocksucking fag" in that context.

This is like the time Rosie O'Donnell offended Asians on The View so on thenext day she finds a pair of Asian girls to put on the spot who just giggle and nod yes to any remark thrown to them.

This is the equivalent of, "I had a black person in my house." This just shows how very sad he really is, I mean he obviously does not have any gay people that would stand for him, hence grabbing the guy that makes a living off tips. Just saying. He said it and the only thing he could do at this time is to take ownership and apologize. Judging by his record though, I would think he is more likely to put a gay on payroll for just such occasions. Just sad. 

guys, i'm a gay, and i was in a play with Alec and he is one of the most left thinking and human rights supporting people you'd ever meet.  fun fact: all his income from the capital one commercials -- gone to endowments for the arts.  this article is pathetic as most instinct articles are becoming.

Finally something posting to say. Most gays in here seem "straight-a-phobic". Calm down queers. (Oh can I say that since I'm gay? )

The hairdresser is kinda cute.

Yes he is. If I didn't shave my head, I would make an appt. Lol

After hearing the voicemail he left his daughter years ago, it became very clear he's just a bad person.

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