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Video: 'Where The Bears Are' Season Two Premieres (NSFW)

Hallelu! Where The Bears Are season two is FINALLY here!

Check out the first episode of the new season: "Party Bears":

Hmm..we think the men of Instinct need to make a cameo in season three! Think they'll let us choose our scene partner(s)?

We'll even let our chest hair grow out!

What'd you think of the season's first ep, Instincters? Glad to have our bears back?


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...I think the idea is for it to be fun, funny and entertaining, Greg? For you Greg:

I suppose if glorifying the societal imposed stereotype is your thing then yes, it's a fucking riot. Cheers!

Because nothing else gets me more exciting than seeing a bunch of fat boys covered in fur running about like a bunch of twinks in heat. Joy. Please type cast the community even more why don't you. 

*drool* They just keep adding hotter and hotter guys

Is this really what the bear world in LA is like? My goodness! I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed for them or jealous.

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