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'Days Of Our Lives' Star Accidentally Reveals That Sonny & Will Are Getting Married In Upcoming Episode

An accidental leak issued by a Days Of Our Lives star has brought great news to fans and the LGBT community. The iconic daytime soap will finally host a wedding for resident gay couple Sonny and Will in the upcoming months!

It was Peggy McCay who let the big secret slip without the studio's knowledge during a fan event last weekend.

"Two young men on our show are getting married – two gay men. And we’re all celebrating," she said before being reminded by a co-star that the storyline has not yet been made public. "I shouldn't have said anything." 

Video of Peggy's comment has since been removed from YouTube.

Thanks for the early invitation, Peggy, and congrats to the happy couple!

(h/t: GregInHollywood)


It was sweet watching that episode.  Day's was also just renewed by NBC for two years, though Allison Sweeney who plays Will's mom Sami is leaving the shop in a year to spend more time with her family.  She has been on continuously for 17 yrs so it will be a big loss.

Freddie Smith is still there as Sonny.  Chandler left in August and Guy Wilson now plays Will.  Guy will playing Will when and if they get married.  

wow i m so happy to that news but for when

Hope it's Chandler and Freddie on #WilSon wedding.. , it's just not appropriate to see the old character with a new face being's kinda awkward..I wondered how would they play it out...anyway, my opinion doesn't matter right?.it's there already..

Just stating my opinion..  

I thought that Sonny was leaving and a new person was replacing him. What gives?

wow i am so happy i cant wait to see that i love sonny and will together they are so cute thank you days for letting them stay together 

I had a feeling the wedding would happen.  Way to go Days.  I am so proud you.... Way to go Will and Sonny.

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