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Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy To Be Honored With Equality Award

Noted homophobe and Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is receiving an equality award.

No, but really.

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta, an organization that encourages the economic empowerment of African-Americans will be honoring Cathy as a "Champion of Justice and Equality." 

Cathy hasn't been exactly active in promoting equality for gays and lesbians over the years and he denounced the strike down of  DOMA this past June as a “Sad day for our nation; founding fathers would be ashamed of our gen. to abandon wisdom of the ages re: cornerstone of strong societies.”

But hey, give your awards to who you want to give them to...

What's your take on Cathy's equality honor, Instincters?


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How could any of you eat this junk?

I am astonished, as gays are supposed to be about their appearance. Those white buns, saturated with butter, with fried chicken. Make your pores HUGE!

What's next for the Urban League of Atlanta an award for the KKK for the most original costume. The Urban League has lost all credibility. 

Well that's just line hetero African-Americans... only worry about equality up to yourselves, but don't worry if it goes down any further. (no homo)

The Urban League of Atlanta is only a small group of people, which are not entirely African American, therefore the group cannot speak for all African-Americans, Americans, males or females. Many African Americans have fought for the equality of many people of different races, agendas, sexual orientations, religions, political beliefs and the lists goes on. As an "African American," which is a BS term and nationality that no other races is described as, I am appalled at the Urban League's actions as well. The "forefathers of America" were racists, hypocrites that stole everything including culutre from people that they still do not want to give credit too. You are under attack and persecution in this country unless you are a heterosexual, white male and most of them are gay but ashamed to admit it. I think people should be proud to be who and what they are! I do not promote homosexuality because it is against my belief system and I feel it is not natural because we cannot reproduce naturally; if we were all homosexual the human race would be extinct. Nonetheless, I have gay friends, family, and colleagues and I love them for who they are!

It would be like Hitler recieiving the Awards For Friends Of Jews. 



This is what happens when there is no collaboration among oppressed groups. Don't get all testy Gay Inc...when's the last time you've worked with Urban League?  And I find all your racist comments disgusting.  If you don't do the outreach, don't expect shit from anyone.  Just saying.

Good Point!

That pile of garbage does not deserve and "equality" award!!! Unless you support equality for ALL people! WTH is wrong with the group giving the award! It is just a damn smoke screen!!! It is just a damn fast food place! Do they offer wages over 12 dollars an hour or more? NO? How they hell are they any better than McDonalds? uhgggggggg

The day he gets an award for equality will be a sad day for our nation; founding fathers would be ashamed of our generation to abandon wisdom of the ages, cornerstone of great societies.  

Urban League of Greater Atlanta
Enough Said!

Uhmm, obviously someone doesn't know the meaning of the word "equality" if this man is to receive this kind recognition. He's very blatant about being the opposite and then adding hate and intolerance to his list of "achievements." They boast about being a Christian oriented organization but do the opposite of Christ did and does.  No matter what the individual sin, Christ met them where they were and showed them nothing but love and compassion.  Why are we not doing the same thing?

To whom ever named this an equality article..HE is a Homophobic racist, with pre formed ideas about who should enter his establishment. Caters to the likes of Palin and otherTea baggers..

Let's all fight hate with more hate. Let's all say we are sick of racism but, we can be racist ourselves. Let's all say we don't want to be judged but, judge those that judge us. Let's all say terrible things about someone that we disagree with. Let's all agree that it's totally sociably acceptable for a black man to call another black man a nigga, nigger, my nig, niggaz and if a white man says what's up my nigga call him a racist. 

the "Urban League of Greater Atlanta" has a very specific, very narrow, very focused... very "monochromatic" definition, if you will, when they refer to "equality"...

This is way to funny..... LMFAO .... To really be honored for equality, you must truly believe all are equal rather Sex,Color,Straight,Gay..   The Urban League Of Greater Atlanta, should really be ashamed of themselves for even contemplating honoring such a person as Dan Cathy.. All I have to say is Shame on The Urban League Of Greater Atlanta, they are sending a message to the world that it's ok to hate against a specific group because of their differences.. I find that very ironic and forgetting that at one time their ancestors were dealing with what us Gays are now... Just saying...

I smell a rat.

That would be the chicken & waffles

He's a douche.

I think the irony is amusing.

Well they shore do like their fried chicken! Atlanta...

perhaps your racism should take a back seat to your ability to spell. It's "sure" not "shore" genius

Well "N" it seems he is both ignorant & stupid

I think that we need to give Cathy the KKK Equality Award as well. Cathy can keep the awards right next to each other.

Not surprised. Most African-Americans are not down with gays & lesbians. Personally I think the Urban League of Greater Atlanta is trying to yank our chains. I'm gonna let it lie.

It always slays me when people in the gay community are so quick to say that African-Americans are not down with the gays & lesbians when there are so many of us who are gay and lesbian...such as myself...African-American...Gay...Male.  

I'm African American, and gay and I don't know why it slays you. Most African Americans do not like gays. I don't talk to my extended family much because they all think being gay is a crime against God. Most African Americans I know who are tolerant are only tolerant and not accepting. When I ask, they tell me clearly that my choice to be gay (and it is no choice) is a sin and against the bible, but they don't hate me. It always possess me off when I hear it and is one off the reasons I consider myself a gay American first and an African American second, because I'm tired of being the second class citizen to my own people who should know better. Just because there are gay and lesbian African Americans, it doesn't mean that the African American community accepts us, even those who "tolerate" us. Tolerating us and accepting us should never be confused as the same thing, and yes I do attribute a lot of the blame to religious influences.

I appreciate you saying this. I'm not gay however, I see so much fighting for equality with racism from those fighting for the "equality." Let's all fight racism with racism that will do the trick. Not! 

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