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Missouri Man Charged With Spreading HIV Says He's Had More Than 300 Sexual Encounters Since Diagnosis

Authorities across the Plains are scrambling to find hundreds of men who may have unknowingly been exposed to HIV during a casual sex encounter with David Mangum (pictured). 

Mangum, who is now in custody in Missouri after transmitting HIV to his roommate, claimed to have had 300 sex partners since finding out he is HIV positive in 2003. 

The Associated Press reports:

Up to 60 of those contacts allegedly occurred after he moved to Missouri two years ago from Dallas, where he has convictions for prostitution, indecent exposure and public lewdness.

Many of his trysts stemmed from Craigslist ads, he told investigators, and he would meet up with men at parks, truck stops and other remote locations. Police believe many were truckers or others passing through the region, and because Mangum had little information about many of the men, investigators are concerned about finding potential victims, Dexter police detective Cory Mills said.

"First names with no phone numbers or addresses — that's going to be a challenge," Mills said.

Local county clinics in Missouri have reported an increase in HIV testing since news broke. 

Police say that Mangum seems unapologetic and has blamed a "fear of rejection" on not informing sexual partners of his status. He has pleaded not guilty but faces life in prison if convicted on the current charge. 

Missouri has some of the country's strictest laws regarding the matter. Should Mangum get life in prison if convicted of recklessly another with HIV? 

This is a great reminder that it is up to you and you alone to stay responsible and safe out there!



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And what about people - straight women and men included - who have HPV and are going around spreading it?  You can die from some of the things HPV can cause.  I have a real problem with this HIV stigma.  Everyone has to protect themselves.  There is NO difference between having sex with someone who is HIV poz or neg - if you want to stay clear of the virus, that is.  You have to have the same kind of safer sex with everyone.   This story infuriates me.

There is actually a difference. You see, if the person has HIV, you can be infected, the opposite is true if they do not have it. Fairly big difference IMO.

OMG, that's very sad.  I wouldn't sleep with him even if he pays me a million bucks....

First, let's point out the obvious: anyone finding random sex partners online should assume ALL partners are HIV+ and plan accordingly.

But there is also a larger issue at play: criminalizing people who don't disclose only reinforces the idea that you shouldn't get tested, because if you don't KNOW that you're HIV-positive, you can't be prosecuted. Which is doubly unfortunate, because if people are positive, they can get on medications, get undetectable, and reduce transmission to almost zero. There's a whole site on the topic here:

While his actions are not excusable, let us not forget that those that decided to engage in unsafe sexual practices made it easy for him to do what he did. You meet someone over the internet or in a park and you are going to trust their word? Bullshit.

Well the question is whether he was a whore and slept around alot or purposely slept with as many men as he could to spread the virus? 

While I do not condone Mangum's behavior, his partners share some responsibility: they could have asked Mangum about his HIV status, and they could have insisted on using condoms. The good news is HIV treatment is so advanced (for those with access to healthcare) that life expectancy is not reduced for someone newly diagnosed. 

Yes! He should get either life  in prison or the death penalty. He is basically slowly murdering many people, an HIV serial killer. If you have HIV and/or AIDS, look for others with the same diagnosis and have sex with them. If you think that is "too hard", try support groups. I am sure that is how many HIV+ people find mates, although I am not sure so anyone reading this do not be a troll and tell me to prove it.

Your segregationist view on the "others with the same diagnosis" and "support groups" is appalling.  If sero-dischordant couples are having sex and the positive partner is healthy and on meds – especially if he's the bottom – the risk is very, very low.  Add safer sex to that mix, and everyone should be just fine.  I am negative and don't discriminate against dates/boyfriends/partners based on status.  My ex of 6 years is positive, we weren't that careful, and we had no problem.  Come out of the dark ages, Bob.  

post a picture of him when he lived in Dallas. That might help the search ofthe  people who slept with DirtBall....

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