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New Prince Song "Da Bourgeoisie" Lined With Homophobic Lyrics

Prince released a new song today, and along with it, an alert to Twitter followers that track is not, in fact, titled "Bearded Lady," therefore it's not prejudicial. Though the upbeat new track from the iconic artist is actually called "Da Bourgeoisie," it does deliver offensive lyrics that play on the ick-gay people! prejudice. 



Not prejudicial? What do you think? Here are the lyrics:

Yesterday I saw you kickin’ it with another girl
You was all wrapped up around her waist
Last time I checked, you said you left the dirty world
Well it appears that wasn’t the case
Hey, I see you undercover like the CIA
Snatching little wigs from another bouquet – that’s French
I guess a man’s only good for a rainy day
Maybe your just another bearded lady at the cabaret
I wish I never kissed your (spits in disgust) ugh
Doesn’t replace the memory 

Prince has made his disgust of gays clear in the past, so the lyrics to his new song wouldn't be quite shocking.

Here's the full track, if you're so inclined:

(Via Twitter; Image Rolling Stone)


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This song has nothing to do with being gay.  Anyone whose listened to Prince's music knows he utilizes double meanings routinely.  Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

why are you surprised? have you read the lyrics to 1979's "Bambi"? It's a song about him trying to convert a lesbian....

Prince was flirting with a friend of mine some time ago in Swisland after his concert!!! and that friend of mine is a guy ! Being a star and being gay is not easy to handle !


Maybe Prince was really Queen.

He didn't have any problems with gays until he hooked up with Larry Graham & became a Jehovah's Witness. And then he became Asshole #1. Personally, his day in the sun is done, so let's move on.

He has negative feelings towards gay people... dressed like that. Hmmm.

The way I read it he was the one kissing the bearded lady (a man in drag), who is now with another "girl". The man "Prince" was the one that was just for a rainy day. The rainy day could be like an exception or ... for pay. -> Was Prince a drag queens sugar-daddy ... and now all upset because of the break-up ?? 

Usually people that spout hate are they themselves that very thing. He is a used up old, shall I say Femme rocker, that is trying to get himself back in the lime light. I for one am very tired of these "artists" (I use that term loosely) like Eminem and this Ass putting out these lyrics and then saying that "oh they are not racist,homophobic, or prejudicial. It is B.S. they can say whatever they want but it doesn't change the facts!!!

Amen Chris... I agree with u 100%

they know what they are saying when they write it . It's not like this is the first time they heard this what not.. #princeisatiredwashedwanttobe

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