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Married Father Of Five Returns From The 'Dead' After 16 Years, With Gay Lover

A married father of five children resurfaces after being presumed dead for 16 years. The kicker? He's back from the dead with his gay lover. 

You can't make this stuff up folks. 

ABC News shares Eric Myers' full story. Here's an excerpt:

Myers said that because he was gay, he felt forced to create a fake persona from a young age. He said that he believed having a girlfriend would help make him feel how he was "supposed" to feel.

He turned to religion and at the age of 13 became fervently evangelical, he said.

"That was when I started thinking, This isn't right. I want to be with men," said Myers.

When religion didn't work, he thought marrying Anne and starting a family would help. But it didn't, and ultimately the lie caught up with him on that business trip to San Diego, he said. He remembers thinking that at first Cabo would just be a temporary getaway.

"I'm sitting there, saying, You can do this and still go back. You can still do this and still be OK. Maybe a week. Maybe two weeks," said Myers.

But Myers didn't go back. Two weeks turned into four months, and then, without one phone call home, he headed to Palm Springs, Calif.

Myers said that while searching for a new job, he met Sean Lung, a tourist from Canada, and they immediately connected.

Myers and Lung soon moved in together and frequently traveled together. Myers assumed different identities and took odd jobs that didn't require an ID.

All the while, Eric's family was forced to go through life without their father and dad, and in 1996, Myers was declared legally dead. His family cashed in a life insurance policy worth $800,000, and the money was placed in trusts for his two daughters.

Myers said that during that time he tried to avoid thinking about the life he had left behind.

"I cannot say anything to deny that it is the most selfish thing in the world. And I will never be painted as a saint. But no one is all good, and no one is all bad," said Myers.


Myers' youngest daughter, Kirsten Ruggiano, 30, battled alcoholism in the wake of her father's "death."

With the reveal that Myers is, in fact, alive his family is now being sued for the $800,000 life insurance payment that they received, plus interest. 

His children have had no contact with their father and as Ruggiano says, "It almost hurt more to have him come back than it did for him to go in the first place." 

She also doesn't buy his excuse that he disappeared because he was gay.  She explains, "I know a lot of people who would never do this … absolutely never blame it on their homosexuality. I don't believe that he is capable of love."

We're really not sure how you come back from that one, Instincters. And we certainly hope Myers is the one that ends up paying that insurance bill...

What's your take?


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its all very sad.... no one won.... he was torn ..between joy & fustration. yes he hurt others, i'm sure he went thru many time of fustration. "you" agonized with dealing with your own truths... some one always gets hurt. in this case it took all these years to finally bubble up to the surface...  his own path was a rough one, i don't envy his life.....

each one of us had to "choose" to keep it with in, to voice your feelings, to suppress it...some have gave up their lives, others have given their lives....

every one has to make a choice; give love, understanding & yes, even fustration....  LIVE ALOHA EVERYONE!!!!!!  HAVEN'T WE ALL BEEN HURT ENOUGH??????

What a piece of $%^!  Be a man, own up to what and who you are, take responsibility for your choices.  To have let your entire family think that you died rather than be honest is the most cowardly thing I have ever heard.  I have no respect for this man at all.  Add to that, there are gay families that would give anything to have children and here is a guy throwing his away.  It is disgusting.

To his family, I wish you strength.  As far as I'm concerned, the insurance company should be going after this guy for that $800k (plus interest and fines), he's the one that deceived both his family and the insurance company... He's the one who should have to pay it back.


I have a lot of feelings on this but I think I will keep them to myself as I would want to know more. I need to practice right now the art of not judging someone as I myself do not want to be judged. He is human and obviously flawed but he deserves forgiveness as does everyone. Only in the eyes of God does this matter. I pray for him and his family. bless them all.

He put his family though hell ,it basically took the entire 16 yrs to adjust to him supposedly dying now he's back to rip there lives apart again.

CRUEL very very cruel


Kevin Zane LOOK AT THIS... THIS MAN FACED SOMETHING WE ALL DEAL WITH... YES, WHAT HE DID REALLY DID SOLVE THE ISSUE, HE RAN AWAY... BUT LET US REALIZE 16 YEARS AGO, HE WAS A VERY DARK PLACE... HIS DEMONS ARE THE SAME EACH OF US FACE.... yes he has created a atomic bomb that has exploded and now must deal with the fallout... now the real explosion begins....Aloha to all, be safe///

I followed the same and my partner became dads to our 3 kids and papa to our 4 grandchildren. It would be unthinkable to me to leave my kids...they are MY responsibility.

Wow - why even come back then?  He is now destroying the lives of his children as the insurance is suing to collect the money back.  Coward is what he is.

He's a total scumbag with balls the size of a pea.

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