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Gay 'Survivor' Winner Todd Herzog Displays Seriousness Of Alcohol Addiction On 'Dr. Phil'

Todd Herzog is back in headlines this week for the first time since winning Survivor: China in 2007. The openly gay reality TV personality is apparently battling an addiction to alcohol so serious that Dr. Phil claims "I've never talked to a guest that's closer to death than this one." 

Check out the troubling previous of Todd's upcoming appearance on Dr. Phil's daytime show below. We wish him the best. 



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In response to the comment above, this does more good than talking to teens about alcohol. To actually see Todd's condition as bad as it is is the real deal reality. My heart broke for him but all I kept thinking is that some teen somewhere is going to watch this and think twice about how they are abusing alcohol. Todd likes the spotlight. He was more worried about the red carpet event for Survivor that anything else. He even said he only went on the show because Dr. Phil asked him to. Would you rather see Todd still digging his grave locked up in his apartment with a bottle of vodka and no help? Dr. Phil is not going to let him go in three months. He said he would watch how Todd was doing after 3 months of rehab and continue on from there.

This display of Dr. Phil's is disgraceful and does no good for this man or the public.  He needs serious in-patient care for at least 6 months and he shouldn't have the extra pressure and media on his at a time like this. Shameful.

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