Pole Vaulter Andrew Zollner's Naked Pics Leak...And What A POLE It Is! (NSFW)

Pole vaulting is DEFINITELY the right sport for U.S. Olympian Andrew Zollner and from the looks of things in these (alleged) leaked nude pics (NSFW), we're thinking he could leap to staggering heights just with the pole he was born with. 

Sometimes you just know your calling. 

Head here to see Zollner's...pole..in all its glory.

Give him ALL the medals. 


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Sex with him is probably nasty, raw, LOUD and sweaty...the cock?..right up my alley. I could handle that.

He is very Yummy. but I wish he was Gay. I like seeing guys taking pictures of themselves naked knowing they are doing it to show another man not doing it for a women

We only care that he's hung because he's so cute. If he were plain or homely, would dick size matter?

No it wouldn't matter if the guy is Ugly

I absolutely love the fact you can totally see dick while wearing shorts. Every time I am out in public I am constantly looking at Men's crotches to see if their dick is visible through their clothing.

Gulp. O_O

Damn. First of all, he's gorgeous. And the pics seem to reveal a pretty fun person to be with. But then there's "that"....wowsa. That's the boyfriend trifecta, hahaha. Whoever earns the right to be with him, whether a girlfriend or a boyfriend, I hope they can handle all of that.

I couldn't agree more. He's Gorgeous

I checked out the photo.. Very nice c$@k... I'd love a night with it . However it doesn't look like the same guy in the nude photo vs these others... 

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