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Hot Speedo-Clad Football Fan Captures Ire Of Security During The Game

Updated 5 p.m. est 

Other glorious photos of the "dangerous" football fans have popped up on social networks:

You're welcome to visit our sports box anytime, gentlemen.


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Aren't there other, more pressing issues the security at Sunlife Stadium has to worry about during a Miami Dolphins game? 

Apparently not, as, according to Fandium's Instagram account, these hotties were told to put their pants back on after stripping down to Speedo's emblazoned with the Dolphins logo. Why in the world is this not allowed?!

On the other hand, they do look so good they could cause a riot!


Any one that has seen the actual video of the altercation they were in would know it was self defense. That guy and his friends were wasted and started a fight with them. All of their charges were dropped because of this. Leave it alone they are having some well deserved fun! 

This country is out of control about 'sexual misconduct' When we have murders in every township and like to carry our guns with us into the Wallmart in case theres a riot, because it's our freedom and right, we should be equally as vigilant about people's rights to show off their body if they want. Near naked, or even naked bodies so far haven't killed anyone. We live in crazy land. America.

DO NOT SUPPORT THESE ASSHOLES! They were both arrested a few years ago for beating a guy up so bad that he almost died!

They do not deserve to become some kind of web celebrities because they are 'hot'. Have some self respect people. 

All charges were dropped it was self defense. 

3 vs 1. Sounds self-defense all right. I'm glad this roid rager was exposed before any more victims.

Why do you assume he's on steroids? 

Nowhere does it say their names, and the photo doesn't even look like him. Why are you making shit up?

He is such a beefy Hunk! I want to take him for a ride!!!

Love the beard too!

Get inside me

If you have fun you will be punished ! lol America the free ...

If they weren't bothering anyone, security should have just left them alone.

I'm sorry but I don't know any STRAIGHT guy what would wear a Speedo let alone in a public place. Looks like these two need to just come clean and out of the closet! The one with the beard (Kyle) is smoking hot and I can see him in demand for a lot of MEN! 

Of course they're gay. Straight men rarely look that good. 

...who says they're in the closet?

Fuck your steriotypes.

here here.

and while we're at it, "Hear! Hear!"

Anyone read the rapsheet on these two? What are you doing DEFENDING THEM!?! They are criminals. Stop promoting them!

Unless you know them and the situation I suggest you retain from negative comments

I second that, Sarah. Stop judging people based on what you think you know.

I agree, I bet no woman wearing her Bikini top was asked to cover up at a game.. EVER !

These two guys apparently have a history of doing "bad" things together. Apparently they beat a man unconscious.

Behaving badly 2013

Behaving badly 2011

I looked at those linked articles. Nothing about them indicates that the assailant in the coma case is the same as the bearded guy here. I don't see the speedo guys' name mentioned and beard or not, the photo in one article isn't a case-closed likeness to the speedo guy. Am I missing something? Is there any article somewhere that confirms the names of these guys in speedos?

Wow you don't have anything better to do with your life than sit here and google their names .... Get a life , you don't know them ... Don't put people down to get ahead in life , it won't get you ANYWHERE 

Your boyfriend put another dude in a coma.  Why does this commentator have to get a life?  It's just curiosity to Google a person's name in the headlines.  Don't kill the messenger.

To set the record straight he did NOT put anyone into a coma ... Like I said you don't know the story keep your mouth shut 

Those are the same two.  The blonde guy even has the same moles on his neck as the guy in the mug shot.

Either you tell us what really happened or we're going to just think you're being naive because he's your boyfriend.  A boy ended up in a coma during a fight with your boyfriend. You don't get to just say 'trust me on this y'all, he's innocent!' yeah, ok.... 

Looks great i mean it could be really hot over there 

Looks great i mean it could be really hot over there 

I love how his chest is shaved, yet he has that stupid hairy hipster beard.

I love that you're way stupid hairy jealous.

LOL yes that's what it sounds like to me too: jealousy. After all, beards come in a few days and can go in 5 minutes, but that body....get the f over the beard AND LOOK AT THAT BODY! Personally the beard is too much for me too: I LOVE a nice trim beard. BUT LOOK AT THAT BODY!

I flat-out don't believe any of you who claim you know them, and their names, and their sexual orientation. Yeah, that just happened: I called you out on your bullshit. At least three people on here have claimed to know them, yet these three people don't know each other? Whatever, shut up.

Because anyone who knows someone also knows every single one of their friends, too. Yeah, okay.

Exactly! If I know Kyle I must know every single person he's ever met?! Besides who ever stated that we did or didn't know each other?!

OOH you scored a big fat point...but really you didn't: they're full of shlt.

I wanna make myself Some tea with both speedos

A couple of straight guys are newsworthy why, oh because they're hot, right. your magazine is a joke.

I think the news story is about them being told to put their pants back on, even though there is no legal standing of indecent exposure. (it's Florida, so I'm confident speedos are not illegal)

You have a point, though. Would this be a story if they were fat and had hair on their backs? Or if it was a hot woman? (my guess, no, since the cheerleaders are flaunting more anyways, and no one wants to see fat, hairy men in speedos)

It's a dumb story, albeit with eye candy, but I don't blame the magazine for that. Case in point: count the comments here...

Get over yourself and your internalized homophobia.

... what?

It would seem that the Jamaican Security Guard initiated the complaint.  Jamaican's are not known for tolerance .. especially of the male form on display.  Something to do with their brand of religion. 

I'd dump my load in both a these bois!!

Damn right. You're not the only one.

mmmmm i would eat both those boys with a baby spoon


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