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Gay Almost-NFL Player Dismisses Jason Collins: He Wasn't 'Courageous'

There's no denying that Dorien Bryant, who's described in this profile by Philly Mag as "The NFL's First (Almost) Out Player", is a gorgeous physical specimen that we certainly don't mind looking at, but what's with the shade he's throwing in out-NBA player Jason Collins's direction?

Philly Mag writes:

He dismisses NBA veteran Jason Collins—the first “out” athlete in the four major sports—as a mediocre player out to profit from his pearly-whites cover of Sports Illustrated. “I don’t think what he did was courageous—at all,” he says over mahi-mahi tacos at El Vez. Like other critics, Dorien depicts Collins as an opportunist out for a contract. “I’m sure he’ll do the LGBT circuit. … But you don’t play basketball anymore and you never really were anybody.” (Collins has yet to be signed.)

Perhaps it's sour grapes?

Philly Mag breaks down Bryant's career as follows:

Though he racked up All-American accolades at Purdue and gained more regular-season all-purpose yards in Big Ten history than any player not to win the Heisman Trophy, he went undrafted out of college. After failing a physical with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he had surgery for a hernia and a torn adductor; they cut him anyway, before he played a single down. When the Tennessee Titans offered a contract in 2009, he declined. Then the Cowboys called. Dorien let it go to voicemail. “I was just afraid I’d be 30 and still not know who I am,” he says. “I know that 30 isn’t the be-all-end-all … but it is in gay years.”

So he almost kinda played for the Steelers...and then didn't take the opportunity to play for any other pro teams. And yet, he's basically calling Collins, who's had a long NBA career, an opportunist for coming out? 

Head over to Philly Mag for the full profile--it details Bryant's journey to the NFL and the role that his sexual orientation may have played in where he ultimately ended up. The writer definitely isn't handling his subject with kid gloves and it's all quite interesting.

What's your take on Mr. Bryant?


(H/T: Queerty)



Collins is cashing in on his pearly whites????? Meanwhile who is the one in just a towel?

Look at the way he allows himself to be sexualized in this article's photo. Really? Who's the opportunist?

Haters will hate. Bryant didn't even have a pro career. Back under your rock hater!!! Who has time to think about whether someone else is being courageous or not?

What's my take? Unfortunately, like a lot of pro team athletes, Bryant shows the emotional depth and maturity level of a rock. Jason Collins knew his life would change, and came out anyway: news flash, Mr. Bryant - That IS courage!

Talk about opportunistic, that's what I'd say this is.

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