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One Million Moms OUTRAGED Over Kmart's Jingle Balls Commercial

Without skipping a beat or avoiding cliché, One Million Moms wants everyone to be outraged down to their jingle balls by the "offensive" holiday commercial Kmart released to the airwaves over on Monday. 

Reads the One Million Moms latest hysterical email blast:

The title of the current ad is "Show Your Joe," and Kmart includes sexual content during a Christmas hand bell choir performance. The commercial focuses on several men wearing Joe Boxer underwear thrusting in a sexualized way to the tune of Jingle Bells. They start gyrating and shaking themselves instead of the hand bells, intending to make their "bells" ring in song - which is highly inappropriate. The commercial ends: "Shop Your Way, Joe Boxer, Kmart. Get In Get More Christmas."

Normally, we do not provide a link since One Million Moms does not want to contribute to this filth being spread around even more, but we made an exception this time to show how ridiculous and disgusting this ad really is. The link to the commercial is provided here for reference only so you will have the information you need to voice your concern. If you would rather not watch the video clip, you may take our word on it, knowing this is not the first or second time Kmart has aired offensive commercials.

And, of course, by "offensive" and "disgusting," OMM is referring to a largely innocuous TV commercial that vaguely hints that there is a human body under the clothing we wear. OUTRAGEOUS, right? (I'm not talking about the commercial.)

Here it is again, as a reminder of the the "inappropriateness" of the spot:


hahahahahaha... too funny....

This ad is hysterical, and so is OMM.

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