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Cher's 'Take It Like A Man' Remix Video Features Andrew Christian Models--And She Commands You To Watch

Cher blessed this 7th Heaven remix video of "Take It Like A Man" herself, so we feel it's our duty to spread her gospel. (She must have really loved it since she uploaded it onto her own YouTube page as well.)

The deity posted the video on Facebook, saying: "Some friends made me a present for ‘Take It Like A Man’ Watch it here."  

And it was written. 

Andrew Christian clad models--DO WHAT YOU DO!!  (And take it like a man!)


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Love my Jon Varack! Go LEXINGTON KY getting represented in a Cher video!!!!

OMG it's so Cher!

Once again CHER delivers another SUPER HIT and a GREAT VIDEO too!  Gotta love Cher !!!

What the f#ck did I just watch??

who knew both Andrew Christian and Cher vids could get any gayer? LOVE it.

Welp cher has done it again with this remix it's great, everyone needs to listen to this and watch all the hot men .

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