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Atlantis Cruises Boycotts Russia

St. Petersburg will no longer be a port of call for the thumping beats and glistening, Speedo-clad bodies found on Atlantis Cruises' Baltic adventure. The gay cruise provider has announced that it is boycotting Russia since the country has made its war on gay people ringingly clear in 2013. 

Jim Winsor writes at San Diego Gay & Lesbian News:

During the VIP Alumni reception Tuesday night, Atlantis CEO Rich Campbell outlined the new cruises in store for 2014, including the return of the popular Baltic European cruise. This time, however, one port of call that had always been included in the past was pointedly excluded for the 2014 cruise: St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Campbell said that while the people of St. Petersburg were always friendly and welcoming to us in the past, and that the immense cultural attractions made it an obvious port of call under normal circumstances for any Baltic cruise ... these were no longer normal circumstances. The hostile anti-gay attitude of the current Putin regime has made Russia an unacceptable destination for a gay cruise, and he expressed hope that the economic effect of the decision would in some small way help to bring about change in the current sad state of affairs there.

The crowd of veteran Atlantis cruisers at the reception responded to the announcement with cheers and applause.

Atlantis has replaced Russia on the popular Baltic European tour with stop sin Oslo, Gothenburg and Berlin.




Talk about false advertisement!!!!!

These cruises are full of old, nasty trolls looking for dick. Rarely will you even spot a semi cute guy on one a these cruises, and when you do, he has something wrong with him.


Your comment is slightly off-topic, isn't it? Not to mention, it's nearly as homophobic as the new laws in Russia. Age and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, and with several thousand men on a  gay cruise there's likely to be something for every taste. As for "something wrong with him" -Many of us would say that about you...

By all means, don't travel on a gay cruise. But please don't spew hate at those who do. 

I feel sorry for the nice people who live there and whose income to feed their families depends on this type of activity, however I think this is a smart move if we consider the possibility that some tourist or the ship itself can be attack as a  result of  the new Russian policy . Sorry if my English is not clear : )

Smart decision but on the lighter side, look at the last sentence: "stop sin Oslo...?" No fooling around in Norway? :-)

The USA should cancel all trade agreements and contracts with Russia. The Czar Putin has plans to pass more restrictive laws against GLBT people. 


fantastic --- bravo !!

Most Excellent... why hang around where you're not wanted.

Thanks Rich,

Appreciate your stand against Putin's policies.


This is very much to be appreciated. Sadly of course we know too well that Russia doesn't want gay people entering their country anyway, especially not on a gay cruise, so it is to be hoped that other companies operated by our allies will see fit to follow this lead.

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