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College Students React To The Word 'Faggot'

YouTube user Pano T (pictured) took his camera and surveyed some of his fellow college students to get their reactions and responses to the word "faggot." 

What does the word mean to them? What's the intent behind it? 

See what some of today's college students had to say:

What did you think of their responses?


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Brava!!  I spent two months with a guy and he still doesn't get it!!  It makes me cry...for me and for him because he lives in San Francisco Bay Area....We had a dramatic breakup where he was then telling me that he had noone now.....throwing his bike around, screaming on a street corner. Headphones, mp3 player and beanie flying off.... What a scene.... screaming he's not a faggot ...sad actually.. Maybe some day he'll come out; it's over for now maybe forever.

I'm the Gay one;

well done! it would have been better if the cute interviewer didn't have such an ugly sweater on! horrendous! burn it!

Great video! Most of these folks seemed stoned, but that's ok. The cute African-American fella 's response to the question about orientation is funny.

They're all a bunch of faggots

really dude lol^_^

Yes, really. I don't mean that in a homophobic way, but that word is such a versatile word. Stop being so sensitive. What ever happened to sticks and stones? Who cares if they get called a faggot? I'm gay and in the military. You know how many times my friends called me a faggot? They never meant it in a homophobic way. It's more of the emotion expressed with it. It could have been any racial slur instead and would have meant the same thing. We're all still friends. Stop trying to make things taboo. It's just a stupid word. Don't let it affect your life so much.

I don't think you understand the point people are trying to get across. A word like f****t is just as pejorative and hurtful as n****r is when used to refer to people of African descent. 

Sure, on the one hand I can understand what you are saying with respect to making more out of a word than needs to be made; it's just a word. At the same time though, our basic way of communicating with one another is made-up of words with their affixed meanings. Some words, are ugly... meant to shame, attack, and hurt. Originally the word f****t meant a bundle of sticks or iron rods bound together but the meaning has become a derogatory term referencing a homosexual person.

Why would someone choose to refer to another in that manner unless they are trying to do some harm? It is the same situation as when black people choose to refer to each other as n*****s. It is awful, unacceptable, and should not be done.

let's just agree some people are offended by words, some are not.

Very cool!, I enjoyed it very much and all you young'n's make me feel better about tomorrow.

Well done!   

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