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'Little Rascal' Turned Go-Go Boy Blake McIver Releases New Music Video

Little Rascals and Full House star-turned West Hollywood go-go dancing-crooner Blake McIver has just released a music video for his new song "Wish I Didn't Need You."

Take a look!

What do you think, Instincters?

Side note: Good hair on this guy, right??


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Great Video and song, Only if you Pause and MUTE it before it Starts playing. LOL Cute guy, Awful Karaoke style song. NEXTTTT

He is gorgeous, but the song is reaaaaaallllly bad. That Broadway idea might be a good one ;-)

Couldn't finish it... I kept waiting for it to turn into a parody of something it spoof 

but no he is truly attempting to sing... Bless his heart whoever lies to him and said this was good should fired 

The song is pretty terrible... :-(

He's pretty, great hair, I think he'd do well on Broadway!    


sucks, sorry

I still prefer Steve Grand better. Especially live at Urban Mo's!! 

I wish him well


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I don't wanna hear him sing anymore but rather getting up in a sling and having some heavy hitters taking their turns with his man-pussy.

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