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UPDATE: New Facebook Game Tasks Players With Killing Virtual LGBT Activists

Updated Tuesday, June 4

The shocking app/game that allowed users to play as one of Tblisi, Georgia's Orthodox Christians who infamously attacked Gay Pride marchers in the region in May has been removed from Facebook. Titled "Call of Taburetka" (Call of the Stool), the game (shown off in a demo video below) recreated the horrifying scene that saw thousands of people (including Orthodox clerics) attacking the LGBT community. In "Call of Taburetka," however, gamers were tasked with not only harming but killing members of the gay community to score points. 

Instinct reached out to Facebook, which removed the game Tuesday morning, on Monday, and received the response you can read here. 



I think this is an attempt to make the religious right in Georgia where this incident happened look foolish. 

I'd advise against clicking on the app. The RF is notorious for root kits

Thanks, I appreciate that!!!  Didn't even think of it at first.

Report this App to Facebook to get it removed.  Do a search for Call of Taburetka​ in the search bar, then click on the Go to App, on the bottom portion of that is a "Report this App" button.

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