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Man Says He 'Went A Bit Gay, Just Want To Talk It Out.' What Advice Do You Have?

We all like different things in bed.  From trick to the next, from one partner to another, to one year of self stimulation to the next, this can change.  But we find out what we like by exploring or working to mak fantasies a reality.  Sometimes that fantasy is a let down, or you find it needs to be tweaked for ultimate satisfaction to occur. 

We applaud self exploration, discovery, and figuring out what gets you off, as long as no one is harmed. This reddit writer HyattSF writes a post about his sexporation with a man for the first time.

Long, first post, hopefully not too lewd for the group. Throwaway.

So, I thought I was straight, but then this thing happened. I have been jacking off to /r/jobuds for a while now and recently found myself fantasizing about living it out. I think it was mainly the taboo of doing a private act like masturbation but in public. I've always enjoyed webcamming and it felt like an extension of that. This week I was staying in a hotel so installed grindr for the first time and set my flair to read "jobud" and the name of my hotel.

Very quickly I got a few messages, and selected one from someone only 15 minutes away.

We worked out in chat that we were both first timers and were both very nervous, so I decided to go for it and hand over my room number.

My hands were shaking like crazy and he said the same via chat. After a short pause he arrived and I set up some straight porn on the laptop. I broke the ice by diving straight into a stroking session, and he followed suit ... -

He tells of his escapades with this first guy, which lead to oral with a condom, both reciprocating, but he didn't like giving or receiving. But that did not stop him from being curious.

The next night he fires up the ol' Grindr and strikes gold with a perfect specimen of a man. head on over to to read more about his prostate play and what that turned into with the second man.

He left as quickly as he'd arrived, I barely got his name. I then just looked at myself in the mirror and felt exhilarated.

I know sexuality is like a scale and I guess now I have a better idea of where I sit on it, but does this make me a "bottom"? I don't really feel "gay enough" for that appellation. To be honest I feel like a straight guy who likes dick in his ass, which doesn't make sense at all.  I really just wanted to type this out to get it out of my head so figured this was a good community to do it in. Thanks for reading. -

This almost seems like the opposite of the g0ys, a group we covered a while ago - masculine and manly men (and let's face it gay), but they don't go for any anal play of any kind or any effeminate affiliated activities.

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So what do you think guys?

Is he all gay gay gay?

Did he go a bit gay or is he a straight man that just found out he likes some prostate stimulation?

Or is he a man that likes to appreciate another man's cock and needs the real thing? Nothing wrong with being bi.

Did he kiss at all?

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He liked it so he put his anal ring on it!

If he gets a boyfriend and loses his interest in women then he'll be gay. God and all of us know that Marines and countless other guys have fooled around because gay sex is fun


This is silly, many of us gay boys have tried pussy and we didn't suddenly become less gay.

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