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New App, Hula, Could Allow Users To See Verified STD Test Results Of Potential Partners

Would having access to someone's verified STD test results impact the way you hook up online? 

A new app, Hula, will verify and store your STD test results and allow you to share them with potential partners online. And now Hula has linked up with the location-based gay-dating app MISTER in the hopes that users will make their Hula-verified test results visible on their profiles. 

Scientific American reports:

Hula is also hoping that it can help to reduce the risk of sex with people met through the proliferating location-based dating apps. Last month it announced that it was partnering with the gay dating app MISTER, which has a geolocator that helps men find other men by location. MISTER is currently publicizing the Hula service on its app and encouraging users to tap it to find local testing centers and obtain test results. MISTER is also encouraging users to link to Hula from within their profiles, making their test results available to online “friends.” Verified test results on gay sex apps would be a big change from current approaches, where it is common for individuals to self-report that they are HIV-free on their profiles. “In the not too distant future you’ll be able to see a badge on someone’s dating profile showing they’ve verified STD status by Hula,” says Hula founder and CEO, Ramin Bastani. “That can help you make better decisions about how you want to connect.”

But Carl Sandler, CEO of MISTER, says they are currently “proceeding carefully” about how to further integrate it into their app. “Verified results should be the start of a longer discussion, not a litmus test,” Sandler says. “I think in the future people will be more likely to ask for verified data, but that’s not something we’d require. There is too much prejudice and stigma against STDs and HIV, and verified data is only part of the safer sex equation.”

What do you think , Instincters?

On one hand having access to verified STD test results can aid in making informed choices, but does this verified information open up other issues?

Will sexual participants be more inclined to partake in "unsafe" sex if they see that a partner has been "verified" as STD free?

Could this verified status lead to increased HIV stigmatization?

Will it encourage people to engage in more conversations about sexual health? 

What do you see as the pros and cons of an app like Hula? Is it something you'd use?


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Hula does not offer ANY STD Verification. Any idiot can upload a bogus laboratory titer and claim they are verified. If you want real STD Verification, go to:

It's a true medical / dating website; they also protect your health information!

If you pathetic parasites would simply stop sucking and fucking any erection that pointed your direction then there would not be the need for this constant std testing, multiple times per year.

You get what you deserve.

"Open and honest dialogue is the right way for human interaction. And each person should hold onto their own personal responsibility and always take precautions to protect themselves"

I'm not wanting to justify this, as a matter of fact, I think the solution is controlling one's own sex drive till one at least knows the other person enough to get an honest response to the "are you tested" question, but there is a great number of people out there (not everyone) who know they're positive and go about lying just so they don't get rejected or get laid. I speak from experience as I have an acquaintance who recently confided that he was positive but goes around sleeping with guys, not even enforcing they use protection. He also repeats with same individuals as he already knows they might already have the virus. I ask, how can we protect ourselves from people who act like this? Surely this is not the way, but in what way could we protect ourselves from those who wish only to satisfy themselves at any cost?

I ended my relationship with that individual immediately not because he had HIV, but due to his lack of moral values and social responsibilities. I tried to reason, but he didn't really wish to change his ways of meeting people.

so then whats next.......background check available on your profile to see if your employed, sane, have no driving tickets........when is big brother done watching.....enough is enough......

This is probably the most idiotic and insensitive idea since the days of "quarantine all gays" or "tattoo those who are HIV+," and it once again shifts the responsibility on ones own health onto others. A test result only will only show the what a body appears to be as of the moment of the test. Some STDs - including HIV- have a period in which the body sero-converts, and therefore will give people false information. And seriously, an app? How long would it take someone to crack the apps' coding and create a new app that would supplant true medical information?

This is just one more way to perpetuate the "us vs them" mentality that is so damned prevalent in online hook-up sites. As a society, we have moved so far out of sync with relating to one another that common decency in communication is unheard of.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be concerned about their health & safety. Quite the opposite. Open and honest dialogue is the right way for human interaction. And each person should hold onto their own personal responsibility and always take precautions to protect themselves.

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