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NOM's Brian Brown Enraged Over Pennsylvania Same-Sex Marriage

We're shocked--shocked we say--that NOM's bigot-in-charge, Brian Brown is about to burst a blood vessel in rage over the marriage certificate that was issued to a same-sex couple in Pennsylvania today. 

See what he had to say: 

"This illegal action by Montgomery County officials is an insult to voters, legislators and the rule of law. We demand that state judges put an immediate end to this lawlessness. In addition, we call on the Pennsylvania Legislature to act immediately to pass a proposed marriage amendment preserving marriage as it has always existed throughout the state's history as one man and one woman. These county officials are brazenly flaunting the law; substituting their personal views for those of the people as expressed through their elected representatives in state government. Their actions go beyond marriage and implicates the integrity of the rule of law. This cannot be allowed to stand. We will explore every opportunity to hold these officials responsible for intentionally violating the law, including paths leading to their removal from office."

Oh Brian, take a deep breath. Now hold it. 

Just keep holding it until we say when. 


(H/T: Joe.My.God.)


Take that deep breath, Brian, and keep holding it.  We will never say when.

Brian Brown really needs to go sit on a dick. Then, maybe he wouldn't be having such shit fits.

Oops! My error. That should have read, '... Mr. Campbell's sage advice...'. Too much frustration about such ignorance bouncing around inside my head.

Nope. Nothing illegal. The county has the right to do what it wants. Get over it.

What about the integrity of human decency brownie-bluster-boy? What about respecting your fellow man and woman as feeling, loving, caring individuals with the right to love, co-habitat and marry whomever they damned well choose? If you brownie-brow-beater-buffoon are married to a woman, didn't you have the right to choose to marry her yourself, without some moron terming you a law breaker for doing just that? How am I, as an openly gay man, any different from you, well, except for the apparent intellect aspect and the obvious tolerance of heart I strive to practice every day with mindless BIGOTS such as your sorry ass?!?! Go find something truly serious and law-breaking to get all red in the face about and leave us caring, loving, compassionate gay folks alone! NOW! Or better yet, please take Mr. Breen's sage advice and just hold your stagnant breath until Hell has finally frozen over, that would solve your tantrum problem, toot sweet!

He looks like a big ole bottom boy to me!

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