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Liam Hemsworth Goes Nude As Sexy Male Prostitute For Australian TV Series

While these days he's been keeping things relatively PG, Liam Hemsworth was starring in decidedly racier fare back in his early days acting in Australia.

Any interest in seeing Liam go bare-assed as a male prostitute in the Australian series, Satisfaction

We thought there might be. (You can skip to 1:45 for that particular gem, though we think you'll find all of this video enjoyable.)

Here's a link to the video--embedding was disabled.

Nope. No problem with that.

We wouldn't mind seeing the 2013 version of this. Make it so, Liam! 


​Image Source (H/T: NNN)


Namsta...where is the fvckin d1ck? I think you're referring to yours!

great body but little dick

I want liam hemsworth naked

i'm not picky i'll take them both, the helmsworth brothers i mean

I am in the Liam camp....

I still think his brother Chris Hemsworth (aka: Thor) is hotter.  Not to say he isn't a hot guy, just that Chris is hotter. :)

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