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Gay Characters Face Off In 'Ultimate Gay Fighter' Video Game

We don't claim to be huge gamers (gaymers??), but this is definitely one we'd check out! Ultimate Gay Fighter, brought to us by indie game studio Handsome Women, sends up gay stereotypes in a hilarious way in this Street Fighter-esque battle series. 

Check out the game's trailer!

We actually think this is really clever. (Maybe it's just us? Perhaps some find it offensive??) What do you think?? 

And which character do you want to play?!

Ultimate Gay Fighter will be released on iOS, Android, and Windows phones in January 2014.


(H/T: Towleroad)


This gay man will play it!

This was totally a drunk idea a couple buddies and I had about a year & half ago! I love it!!

Really?  Is this necessary?

Oh god, don't take yourselves so seriously. I think it's pretty hilarious. Kudos!

Such fluff. There are plenty of extant games with gay characters that could have made this article much more interesting. This is little more than a crappy ad for a mediocre game that's more gimmick than anything else.


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