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News Segment Showcases Amputee, Afghan War Vet-Turned Model Alex Minsky

We talked about the stunning Afghan war vet-turned-model Alex Minsky back in May and now Los Angeles's KTLA News is getting in on the action!

Check out their profile on the gorgeous male model amputee: 


Image Source (H/T: First To Know via Queerty)


Lord have emeffin mercy! I'm tingly down there!

Thanks to Alex for your service for us. You are indeed an inspiration

Great guy!! Very inspiring!!!

I am in love with this guys ink..

He's a true role model.

Absolutely stunning! And his sacrifice for our freedom is an inspiration!

What an inspiring story. Alex Minsky is an insperation to us all. Am so proud of him


I always see him at my Gym! He is such a sweet guy!:)

Sweet baby Jesus!!!

I think there were words..too difficult to focus.

corr wat a hunk

Good lord.

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