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Flexing In A Tank Top Couldn't Help Ben Cohen From Being Voted Off Dancing Show

Flexing his biceps in a revealing tank top wasn't enough to save Ben Cohen and keep the hunky LGBT ally in the ballroom on Britain's Strictly Come Dancing

The Daily Mail reports:

Former England rugby star Ben Cohen has said playing in a World Cup final was easier than taking part in Strictly Come Dancing. The 35-year-old was booted into touch from the ballroom contest on Sunday night after failing to out-tackle actor Mark Benton in the dance-off. The Sun reports that Ben's tight costumes - and tendency to go completely topless have won him lots of fans. 'Yes, there have been a few proposals - from men and women,' he laughed. He also said a highlight of his time on the show was working with his dance partner Kristina. 'She's been thrown against a wall, elbowed, stood on, punched - but not on purpose - to make me look like I can dance to a song,' he said. The former sportsman, who became a crowd favourite for characterful performances, hailed the audience for their support after his final performance. 'They jumped out of their seats,' he said. 'The crowd erupting was a nice reward for effort.'

Here's Ben's final performance:




He's not gay, but even as a young professional rugby star he has been a major campaigner for anti-discrimination against gays (I think he originally became an activist because someone close to him, maybe his brother, is gay). He's done tons of 'nearly-naked' fund raising calendars etc.

Is he gay?

He's adorable.

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