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LAPD Investigating Surge Of Public Gay Sex At Downtown Library

The Richard M. Riordan Central Library's storied (pun intended) gay cruising hotspot reputation has captured the attention of the LAPD. Though the city's downtown library has been known to elders in the gay community as a cruising spot, a "surge" in activity in the past year has prompted a crackdown for police. 

L.A. Downtown News reports:

Since January, the Central Division, which patrols most of Downtown Los Angeles, has coordinated 14 undercover operations that have resulted in nine arrests for lewd conduct, said Capt. Mike Oreb.

Oreb said Central Division officers are working on the problem with civilian security officers from the LAPD’s Security Services Division. Those civilian officers are stationed at the library.

Central Division has been focused on the library issue for about six months, said Oreb. He said the situation has improved since undercover Vice officers began staking out the building. Additionally, Oreb has increased the number of uniformed officers that patrol in and around the library.

 “We’ve seen sexual activity in other places throughout the region, parks and public bathrooms,” he said. “[We’re] not sure why anyone’s decided to focus on the bathrooms at the library.”

Cops say all of the recent arrests involve men only, and usually surround the act of one man masturbating while another watch. 


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I have to drop a line on that . It´s amazing ! I wonder whether it happens in Brazil . We have so many other subjects to be discussed as the end of congressional impunity , making it a heinous crime , terminating the poverty ...etc.... I don´t know if you have these problems , but we have them right here ......

Oh yeah, LAPD has to chase and arrest hardened criminals in public men's restrooms who ruin perfectly good pissing and shitting of well behaved innocent citizens who never seen other men's dicks. 

How about other hoods infested with gang violence? Nah, it is always easier to arrest a guy who masturbates in a public restroom. The only injury, in such situation, cop may face is when semen from ejaculation of hardened criminal splashes his uniform. No guns. After all, hard dick is the safest assault weapon in the world. It shoots but never kills nor injures. 

a h ardened cock does kill and injure it can infect ppl w hiv that can kill youa nd u can get stds whiuch harm u  so i beg to differ w oyu on ur post sir 

How sad! If you are going to kill someone no police..... 

Its sad that the cops are cracking down. I read in a website that mall bathrooms are hook up spots you whistle or tap your foot. but I wouldn't do that I don't want to end up in jail

Not that this is awesome, but this is all the LAPS has to concentrate on? No security?

Arrest all of these perverts.They are criminals who ruin public spaces.If they want public sex they can do it at the men's central jail.

Eli you idiot.  You do realise you are mentioning perverts on a gay online magazine.  You are a hypocrite or a biggot, or a closet case.  Whichever one - shut up you sound like an idiot.

Because the LAPD certainly have nothing better to focus on.

This looks like a good place to draw a picture.

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