Porn Star Bruce Beckham's Great Workout and Diet Tips for a Healthy 2018!

Our studly buddy Bruce Beckham (who made our 2017 Hottest Gay Porn Star list) has penned a fantastic op-ed about staying fit and healthy in 2018.  Take a look: 

Embracing a new fitness routine and healthy lifestyle is an understandably difficult proposition for many. It’s frustrating and overwhelming at times, and there’s a lot of conflicting information and less than supportive attitudes that can easily derail even the most well-intended.

For years I phoned it in with the gym and my diet, until I discovered that pursuing a healthier body can become an entire life reset, in terms of aesthetics, strength of character and self esteem.  It may seem daunting, but it's all entirely doable.  I went from the before to after photo in 4 months, and although I had a base of years of mediocre fitness, you can have an identically dynamic change in your health, energy, confidence and self esteem.

Firstly, diet is the absolute most crucial.  Even you spend 90 minutes a day in the gym, 7 days a week, that's still only 10.5 hours out of a 168 hour week.  What you put in your body the rest of that time determines your shape and overall health.  You can’t exercise away poor food choices.  You’ll HAVE TO be honest and accountable with yourself about your eating habits.  Keeping a food diary and tracking what you eat is a must.  When I first started tracking my food, I was horrified that I had to tell on myself for the junk food I was sneaking in, but the truth is your food will always tell on you through your aesthetics.  Write down exactly what you eat and how much you eat of it, and track all your nutritional values and macronutrients though an app.  MyFitnessPal is one of many free and really useful nutrition apps.  Simply, to lose fat, you have to be active and you HAVE TO burn more calories than you consume.  Frequent small meals will give your body constant fuel without feeling stuffed and lethargic.  To build muscle, you have to fuel your body with lean protein, healthy fats, green vegetables, and complex, nutritionally dense carbohydrates.  Period.  Alcohol if any, has to be moderated, and water is what you drink.  In return, you'll find after a few weeks of eating healthy, you’ll have more energy, less cravings, and be more convinced of your ability to stick to something. Self esteem is directly proportional to the amount of self control you’ve exercised.

Secondly, you’ll need a structured exercise program.  You'll HAVE TO commit to a set number of days in the gym, and ideally, those days are prescribed in advance  On those days, you’ll perform a predetermined portion of a comprehensive weekly exercise program.  What that program consists of is something best honed with a personal trainer who can assess you in person.  I’d recommend hiring someone for a week, in order to provide you with a solid first plan if you’re a beginner, or an entirely new routine if you’re a novice.  If you don’t have a budget to hire someone, there are many fitness plans available online, including, tailorable to your current and desired body shape.  The key here though is consistency.  You adhere to the plan NO MATTER WHAT.  Making excuses for missing days or skipping reps is a slippery slope, and you’re only cheating yourself out of your potential.  Again, over time you’ll become physically and mentally stronger and more resilient.

Finally, you’ll need to practice patience and willingness.  Don’t let fear of failure talk you out of investing in yourself.   Do pay attention to your body though.  Entering a new exercise program could potentially come with minor injuries as you acclimate.  Push yourself through self-doubt and excuse making, but don’t push yourself through an injury.  Again, this is why starting with a personal trainer is an excellent idea, so you can learn proper form and minimize risk of injury.  It won't always be easy, and many days you’ll be tired and or frustrated, but health and fitness is a journey not a destination.  Metaphorically, standing at the bottom of a tall hill you want to climb can seem daunting, but taking just the step in front of you is easy, and then you just take another step.

One of my favorite quote by Thoreau sums up my philosophy about why I workout.  'What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals.

You’re worth the effort and investment in yourself. 

Happy and healthy 2018,

Bruce Beckham 

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Oh, WOW! SERIOUSLY! Thank you so much for the words above.

My name is Steve. My partner and I live in Palm Springs, CA. I am almost 48 and am CONSTANTLY told I look anywhere from 28-35 - no lie. It all has to do with my choices (eating, drinking (I don't drink alcohol), chemicals (do seem to be the one in ONE THOUSAND who don't use anything), exercise, etc.) I started paying closer attention to all these things once I turned 40 and couldn't be happier.

If you would consider such a courtesy, I would very much like to be in contact with you. Besides becoming healthier and more physically fit, I also have a craving for becoming a video and photography model, specifically kink and bondage.  If you have any direction for me in this I would greatly appreciate it.



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