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Half Naked Models Promote Obamacare In Denver

We will sign anything that a chiseled Adonis gives us (just look at our credit history for proof), so the decision of Get Covered CO (Colorado's new health insurance exchange) to have half-naked gorgeous models promoting the new service on the streets of Denver during lunch was nothing short of a streak of brilliance. 

Still many have blasted the promotional effort as "exploitation" and an attempt to deflect from the controversy of the ACA. 

Whatever. No doctor could've made us feel as good as we would've if we were able to run into these models on our lunch break walk to Chipotle. Healthcare!






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Chipotle... you had to mention Chipotle. Now i'm hungry and the nearest one is 3 hours away.

Thanks Obama.

Makes me want to get behind (no pun intended) Obamacare.

Great idea.  Commendable. 

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