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Gay Russian Activists Stage IKEA Kiss-In To Protest Company's Decision To Censor Lesbian Couple

LGBT Russian activists based in the U.S. staged a kiss-in at a Brooklyn IKEA store over the weekend. The protest, arranged by Nina Long and Alex Kargaltsev, took place in various IKEA displays to draw attention to the furniture company's decision to remove a profile of a lesbian couple from the Russian edition of the IKEA Family Live magazine. 

Nina and Alex explain the kiss-in: 



(Via BuzzFeed)


No sweetheart, there is not such a thing as bisexuality. You are definitely gay. What you are is insecure of your sexuality because of the way you were raised. Time will tell.

I had planned to purchase an item from IKEA but upon learning that they are now supporting this homophobic Russian law, I have changed my mind and will boycott the store instead. I must support my "family" where ever they are with whatever means I can - the power of my purse closing and opening my voice in objection.

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