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Gay Man Almost Decapitated In Crazy 'Final Destination' Style Car Crash--Now Wants Boyfriend

His car was totaled, but Tom Comstock's sense of humor was left completely in tact!

Comstock survived a terrifying car crash in which his Nissan was rear-ended and planks of wood came crashing through his rear window nearly decapitating him and cutting off his hand. 

Comstock, a Portland, Oregon nurse, attributes his survival to "divine intervention," and says:

"I lived through something I shouldn’t have ... divine intervention is the only thing I can say because my hand shouldn't be attached, neither should my head...I told God, if he's going to save me from death from this and he doesn't send me a boyfriend, I'm going to call a party foul.”

Someone buy this man a drink! (And take him on a date!)


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)


I think the article referred to his hand, being nearly cut off, along with his head. Kind of like when that guy on Mean Girls mocked the principal by asking about Marijuana tablets.

Listening to the news story and seeing how well his hands are both functioning, no way his hand was "cut off"... Media smh

Lucky man!  Hope he finds a great guy!!

Im seeing someone, BUT I have STL lol, not it is BEAUTIFUL up there! Best of luck to you Buddy!!

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