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Joan Rivers Defends Alec Baldwin With Some Racial & Homophobic Slurs Of Her Own

According to Joan, we're all in this together. 

Meaning we've all got a derogatory label that applies to us in some form or fashion.

Joan unloads them all in her 30-second rant to TMZ in defense of Alec Baldwin. Watch!

Do you agree with Joan that everybody should just calm down??


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you guys are taking this the COMPLETE wrong way. She's using these words not to SWEAR or purposely produce racial slurs... She's doing it to break down the walls of the stigma that surrounds the words themselves. 

Yes, her response is aggressive but it does make a strong point. 

Love ya Joan. I am Polack, kike and fairy, 3 in 1. :P 

Joan's next plastic surgery should be to stitch up her obnoxious mouth. She needs to retire. Comedian she is not. She can make jokes about other issues rather than poking fun at gays. She should not support Alex Baldwin he is just a old man that certainly has lost a lot of support in the gay community. 

Maybe she needs more surgery to shut her mouth too..... Defending hatred, is what she should not be doing...

I feel bad for him. When the most extreme voices of your party turn on you, this is what happens. He's not homophobic. He donates to the very cause that's bringing him down. He doesn't take a cent off his Capital One earnings so he can fund the arts globally. I know he is not perfect. We've seen him shoot himself in the foot when on airlines and on voice messages. But he would have been a fresh, level-headed voice that could have reached and educated a new demographic of people who can't follow other news hosts. Most anchors can't articulate themselves in Layman's Terms. That's sad, and is one of the reasons why ignorance exists in this country. Today, I'm sorry that I watch Morning Joe every morning. Finally, I'm sorry that I consider myself part of the fight to end homophobia and promote equality, when the worst execution of tactics and accountability are coming from inside that very same movement. Look in the mirror, folks. Stop being impulsive. Happy Thanksgiving.

PS -- Joan is going to receive some crazy flack for this -- but in a very inarticulate way -- she's right.

I love joan, but someone who repeatedly uses slurs against certain segments of the population should be held accountable.  Alec has the right to use that word all he wants, just like i have the right to not support any show he's on.

I love to laugh--and sometimes am guilty of using these "labels" myself.  However, I have to say They they just don't sit well with who I am as a human being.  I don't want to tolerate this type of thinking, its just not loving. If we are all the same as Joan says, lets stop the labeling. There are plenty of other ways to be funny~and I love Joan!

"And this goes for the Indians too: 'dot and feather'!"   HA HA!! Joan is too much! 

i love her

Oh, the Crypt-Keeper from "Tales of the Crypt"! I totally understand why her husband committed suicide.

Rude, thoughtless and bitchy comments - way to play up to another (unattractive) stereotype...

To bad she is the only one who thinks she is funny

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