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Popular Gay Band The XX To Sue Croatian Hate Group For Using Their Music In Anti-Gay Ad

Leave it to an imbecilic anti-gay hate group to accidentally steal music from one of the world's most popular bands, The XX (with two out of three openly gay members), to use in a homophobic commercial. 

In the Name of the Family, a Christian anti-gay hate group in Croatia, is being sued for using the British band's song "Intro" in a new commercial supporting a ban on marriage equality, which is up for referendum in the country on December 1. 

According to Gay Star News, a representative for the band sent a letter to members of the Croatian Parliament for advice on moving forward with a lawsuit. "Management are looking to pursue this. Obviously the band are completely at odds with what the movement stands for and want to take appropriate action," reads part of the letter. 

The XX is quite popular in Croatia, actually, and performed at the Terraneo Festival in 2012.

(Source: Gay Star News)




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they are pathetic homophobic group that should be erased as soon as possible...

I am not gay and therefore this referendum does not affect me directly. However, I care about its outcome. There is a law which very clearly states what this referendum is trying to confirm. We are spending several million kunas because a group of close-minded individuals decided to be determined enough in showing the gays in Croatia their place. When the leaders of this initiative say they are simply pro-democracy, this is very true. But Croatian society is highly closed-minded and has to change. They know this very well. There is so much violence towards the gay population in Croatia it makes me sad. These are things that the initiative does not speak of. Homosexuality is not a CHOICE, just like heterosexuality isn't. And gay people in Croatia are just people who happen to be attracted to same sex. They should not be marginalized, it is only one aspect of who they are, just like we have people with blue eyes, green eyes, black hair, red hair... Freedom and love for everyone. 

One guy here said how he is living in Nederlands and he is against gay marriage in  Croatia... ROFLMAO...... Living in  Nederlands, but  he is still  bothered with  croatian  crap... Living in  Nederlands,  in  a country where gay marriage and adoption of children is legal... That is insane, if i would live in  a country like  Nederland i  would not give a  damn  for Croatia and  bunch of crap  which is going on here on  daily bases.. and if it is so  bad for  poor him in  that nederland, in  that baaaaaaaaaad country, where he is so  stigmatizied by being white,  chatolic str8  male from  balcans,  he  can  always get back  home... but he does not... so i  guess it is not so  bad for poor him there... actually i  am pretty sure  he lives better than  half of croats in  croatia,  who  got no idea will  they be able to provide food to  their  children  tomorrow in t heir own country.. but  yeah lets fight  over gay marriage,  that will  solve all   country problems and croatia will  become new switzerland.....

and yeah i will  vote PROTIV and i  am   str8.... and i know my english  is crap  and it does not bother me.. majority of people can understand the point of my comment...

I live in the Netherlands and I care. 
Because this is something which is not just about gay people, or straight people, or families, or just Croatia.
It's about human, it's about society in general, it's about love, it's about freedom.

I hope Croatia will vote for love and freedom, for everybody and everywhere.

I did understand your comment's main argument and your English is great, not perfect, but neither is mine, so don't sell yourself too short ;). With that said, thanks for the comment, you inspire me. 


Lol otišli ste u tolku krajnost da se na stranoj stranici prepirete oko nebitnih problema. Jedini problem u ovom svemu je taj šta se ljudi sve više i više mrze, a to triba spriječit. ajte ča . država je u dugovima, a tolke pare daje za taj referendum. i to šta neko će zaokružit za ne znači da mrzi homoseksualce već ima pravo na svoj izbor. ko šta i oni imaju. prema tome....

And being a gypsy in Croatia is easy? nemoš uspoređivat s cigane s kinezima i bla bla, nekako su mi kinezi civilizirani, i ne čeprkaju po novčanicima, torbama, psuju i pljuju te jer im ne daš kunu. to u parizu neš vidit. šta tip kaže, lakše je bit ovde cigan, nego u Francuskoj. provjereno. 
no dakle, sve je blesavo na svoj način, a opet sve dobro. prikinite kritizirat sve oko sebe, malo sebe pogledajte. nećete ništa prominit u ovoj državi baljezganjem. jedino šta možete prominit ste vi.  mwa mwa
And excuse me, I'm not sorry for writing on Croatian, I don't even think that someone would like to read this bull**it :* take care, stay well :)

Great to see the tolarant voices like those of the mother. The issue about 'democracy' here: The system is not created to vote on issues like who may marry who, and who may sleep with who, and who may abort children and who may not. Basic human rights are not to be tested against religious morals. The LGBT community is not forcing anything upon the 'Christians' or anti-gay people. They are just saying: "Hey, don't ban our right to get married some day, like you guys can." If the "Against/Protiv" side wins, nothing will change for heterosexual Christians personally. Absolutely nothing. You can still marry your heterosexual other, without anybody saying "No, you can't, because your relationship/love is less worth than mine!" Bringing old-Yugoslavian and even freaking ''Commuinist" politics into this discussion is absolutely not relevant. The fact that you dó think it is relevant, only shows that you have been brainwashed by the people with hunger for power, which they use to split people up, They play with our basic human emotions of pride, nationalism and they will twist and turn history and make it somehow applicable to even such a personal 'bedroom' issue as marriage. Stop falling for that. This is why we have war every 50 years.

 Just vote "Against" or don't vote at all, because like I said: you will not be affected by it anyways.

My understanding of the referendum in Croatia is that traditional Croats DO NOT support any changes to the traditional viewing of the institute of marriage in terms of opening it for homosexual partners. They see it as a threat to the set of traditional values they have been living by for centuries. It is absolutely sensational that they are denied the right to defend the present legal situation (by asking the government to make it a provision of the Constitution) by the agnostic, intellectual and urbane part of the society who hardly share any traditional (and mostly rural) bits of the Croatian culture at all. It should be pointed out that they only view the term "religious" as a  derogatory one, standing for "out", "bigoted", or "obsolete". In this sense, urbane culture will acclaim a gay politician for his "courage" to come out. As opposed to that, an admittedly religious politician is instantly dead meat regardless of what he has to say.  Therefore, little room is given for any reasonable argument between these two sides on realistic issues that gay marriages might cause in reality. The blame for the situation naturally goes to the intellectually superior side, as they should be natural keepers of democratic communication standards. To me, it is unfortunate that neither of the two groups speaks the language of the other side.

The referendum is not about reducing any existing gay rights no matter what you may have heard or read, but about making it legally clear that some traditional values should not be tampered with for a number of potential implications, each of which is sensitive enough to deserve much greater focus than allegedly violated human rights, and also be carefully considered (and piloted, if you ask me) prior to any "revolutionary" changes (mind the inverted commas).

I don't see that Europe has done a much better job here, as types of behaviour such as juvenile alcoholism, drug abuse, leaving school, delinquency, promiscuity, or poor funds management (all known as "fun") are commonly mistaken for human rights and, equally commonly, not directly related to the difficult integration of young people into society, unemployment, high divorce rates, irresponsible finances management or falling economy. Hope you get my point here.

i was just wandering why are my homophobic fascist countrymen visiting this obviously gay site... what is your agenda, are you secretely gay, or are you just plain evil, or are you paid to do so (spying on "the enemy")... and why in the world would U IME OBITELJI steal (how very moral and catholic of them) a song from a band which two of members are openly gay... it reeks of hipocrisy.

First of all it would be nice for you to learn how to talk politely! Accusing someone homophobic fascist, won’t get you far!

Second I thought that you are against discrimination, and now you want to discriminate me bay telling me that I shouldn’t be on this site.

Let me answer your questions: No I am not gay, nether I am plain evil.

To spy on a public website LOL.

Talking about hypocrisy you want to picture yourself as tolerant open-minded person but in the same time you want to ban me from this site and even you don’t know me you call me homophobic fascist!

Gee, I wonder where he got the thought you're a homophobe, it's not like you're posting hateful, homophobic comments all over the site.

And discriminating you by telling you you should not be on this site. How dares he! That is so much worse than trying to ban people to get married.

pleas can you quiet where I written "homophobic comments" as you say the are all over the site it shouldn't be a problem to find some!

-much worse than trying to ban people to get married.

To ban somebody of something thy should already have the access to that thing as to my knowledge its not the case in this matter. Also don't twist the truth nobody is banning "životnu zajednicu" and for some reason you are not interested in getting this!

Quiet znači tiho, dragi.

Comments supporting a homophobic group and saying you will for vote for is drawing a conclusion you are homophobic. If you try to say they don't deserve the right to get marries (which is a human right), yes, you are being a homophobe.

So, tell me then, what is the purpose of this referendum if not forbidding homosexuals to get married? Please, I'm dying to know.

Well, that's the ridiculous part about this whole organization. They couldn't get married! They never tried to get that right. And still, "In the name of the family" is trying to spend a bunch of money on passing this change in the law. If you ask me, they're just trying to move the attention from some more important problems this country has, which is exactly why we should vote against and kick them in their well-fed hateful asses.

Also, if we have a nice little name for it (marriage - brak), why, just why do we have to have a whole different name for the exact same thing, just with gay people in it, and spend a bunch of money we don't have in the process?

(It's also funny how you instantly assumed I was gay - "you are not interested..." Straight people can still be decent people, you know.)

Ovo "dragi" mogu shatit kao seksualno zlostavljanje??

Voting for defining BRAK as a union of men ad woman don't make me a homophobe!

(which is a human right) O.o Where?'

Not by UN nether by European Court of Human Rights nether by Croatian Ustavni Sud! So I really don't know where do you pull your facts?!?

Bože, sad sam i zlostavljačica. Shvati to kao podrugljiv komentar jer mi trenutno nisi nimalo drag :)

Well, you didn't answer me my question. What is the purpose of this referendum if not forbidding homosexuals to get married and how is that purpose not homophobic?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, Article 16.

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.​

Aj pročitaj ponovo: Men and women


Men and Men


women and women

Pa neću te ja sad učit engleski!

Ti stvarno misliš da se nebi već svima popeli na glavu da je ovo što sam ja rekao neispravno. pa prije par mjeseci je odbijen amandamn LGBT svjetske zajednice za izmjenu istog jer je eto kao zastario!

Nema zakonskog uporišta za ovo što govoriš kiti u UN-u niti Sudu za ljudska prava a niti EU komisija za ljudska prava ne podržđava vaš zahtjev !

Sorry for speaking Croatia probably that’s also backward and homophobic! XD

P.S. usput Teice vidiš ti meni draga skroz!

Pa ko mene ne bi volio :D

And where are you pulling those facts from? For more than a decade, this non-discrimination principle has been interpreted by UN treaty bodies and numerous inter-governmental human rights bodies as prohibiting discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. Non-discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation has therefore become an internationally recognized principle and many countries have responded by bringing their domestic laws into line with this principle in a range of spheres including partnership rights.

Also, it says man and women have the right to marry and form family. It doesn't say they have the right to marry each other, or the person of other gender, or anything similar. It says they have the right to get married, it doesn't specify whom. 

Btw. It's in the declaration of human rights. Not rights of straight human beings. Human. As in everyone.

You still didn't answer my question. I'm not giving up on it. What is the purpose of this referendum if not forbidding homosexuals to get married and how is that purpose not homophobic? 

P.S. I'm writing on english so other people can know what I'm writing.

And where are you pulling those facts from?

That’s the definition of marriage by UN now you my not like it bat that is what it is!

First you are mixing to things human rights and marriage!

Marriage is not a human right at least by UN and EU human rights court.

Hop this solves this part!

Yes there is 13 countries in the whole world that recognized same sex marriage.

No I am not a Homophobe because phobia by definition is a fear of something and believe me I am not afraid of a gay person at least I didn’t bean until now whenever I meet one!

Dint jump scream of run away!

About you question BRAK don’t have the same meaning or culturological history in our language as in English I am little older that you so when I got married to my wife I chosen that because there was a definition of what it is, so who gives you the right to take that from me??

And also this don’t help:

As regarding LGBT if there is a referendum to give them “životna zajednica” witch give them a rights as the BRAK has except one thin and that is adopting I will vote ZA for that also!

It's from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Do you notice the "human rights" part?

Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). It can be expressed as antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, or hatred, may be based on irrational fear, and is sometimes related to religious beliefs.

So if LGBTQ* people can get married, your marriage is compromised? Well that is definetly a new one. Also, it doesn't make a tiny bit of sense. 

And that page is a comic page. Look at the other news, like "New tv-s are made to spy on you".

No marriage is not a human right. If it was then the USTAVNI sud would reject the referendum.

Istospolni brak ne spada u ljudska prava koja mi možemo štititi, zaključio je prošloga tjedna Europski sud za ljudska prava u Strasbourgu. To je, nakon presude iz lipnja 2010., druga presuda u kojoj taj sud odbija prikloniti se mišljenju da osobe istog spola imaju pravo na brak ili na posvajanje djeteta jednako kao i osobe različitog spola.

If you don’t believe me use!

We can discus other thing but please don’t go in to marriage = human right, because it diminishes any other valid arguments you have at least on a legal matters feald!

You know what, I've lost way to much nerves and time on this discussion. Let's just agree to disagree since neither of us will change our opinion. Have a nice life.

Sue them for every penny they have got, and believe me when I say - they have plenty. The founder of that awful initiative has a couple of millions ''heavy'' property which she uses for her religious sessions(A guy from her group said that during his adolescent years he never touched himself, never did, never will - yeah right).

That woman has a company that gets ''the morning after'' pills, she lives in luxury and has stated that she would rather give her child to a foster home than to a gay couple. I don't even have to say that she has never ever been in one of those foster homes and yet she claims that ''it gives children what they need and is well structured in giving them guidance in life. Somehow she is forgetting that after age 18 they have to leave that home(if you could call it that).

PROTIV diskriminacije, ZA SVAKU obitelj ... Peace.

We are jealous aren’t we?? Who stopped you to open your own business and succeed!

Missing the point here, aren't we? It's easy for those rich people to say that the children in foster homes are doing okay when they never have and never will experience such an awful thing. Also, they have a lot of money, so it's perfectly fine to sue their asses :)

Do you know that on every 1 orphan there is 5 Croatian families waiting to adopt!"

The problem is not in her its in your communist SDP government! Witch we will bitchslap on 01.12.2013.

And when HDZ was ruling everyone was adopting? If you think the law changes as the leading party changes, you couldn't be more wrong. The problem is in our adopting law which states that a child cannot be adopted if their biological parent visits them once a year. A family can take a child in their home, but they can't adopt them. So stop blaming SDP, it's been a problem for ages.

So stop blaming SDP

Who is in power in Croatia for latst 2 years??

What I should blame the opposition fro nothing been don in last 2 years?

And by nothing I don't mean only the adopting problems!

These problems are here for more than 2 years. Listen, I'm just saying this because I saw in other comments you blame a lot of stuff on them, I am minor and I didn't vote and frankly don't know what HDZ did so wonderfully to be so much better than SDP, but all I see and know points to the fact that they did one big fat nothing. Except for stealing. But I can tell you one thing: when a party (HDZ) rules the country for so many years, screwing it up big time, how do you expect for SDP to fix it in 2 years?

Dear Tea its simple to understand SDP=HDZ same communist shit!

Booth ruled our country lot of people don’t rember that SDP was in power 2000-2004 didn’t do shit as the dint do anything now. Where they steeling YES but atlas we lived better ask anybody is it better now or in 2007!

My dear Croat, you are so wrong that it makes me sick! 

People like you will bring doom to this poor suffered country. 

My both uncles died in this war! BOTH OF THEM! 

And do you know why? Because they believed in free country with equal human wrights! They were against previous system and it's limitations! 

Now, those ex communists became big fashists and went to HDZ (some of them remained in SDP). And guess what, those same communists were engaged in previous system do deny gay wrights, same as today. Yes, it was more rigid before, but don't be fooled. It will be same again. Because it always starts with small things like this. And when this goes through (and I'm sure it will), next step will be taking of the wrights from unmarried couples, than signle parents, etc... 

My both uncles, amongst all, died for you too!!! You fool!!! For you who are now trying to deny human wrights in country which should, because of their spilled blood, threat all it's citizens the same. SHAME ON YOU!!! 

Read laws better. Marriage (brak) and life community (životna zajednica) are not equal in wrights. No by a long shot! And this action as well aware of it. And in it's "awareness" they are cheating people, telling that it's only protection of the name marriage. Well, it's not!

And, yes, there is one thing I agree with you! HDZ and SDP are the same although first are threated (with full wright) as fashists and other as communists. Because they were all communists 23 years ago!!!

Well you can hardly blame it on them, the whole world is like that. It's crisis.

I don't know, I honestly don't care much about politics, or at least I won't care for a bit less than a year, when I'll finally be able to vote.


For everyone that doesn't speak Croatian, it says "KIll the queer!"

You really showed there that you're the better and more civilized person, now didn't you?

Well there is idiots all over the world and in this case on bought sides!

Waht's new!

But you can't argue that our country has a pretty big concentration of this kind of idiots.

No I cannot agree with this! I traveled and worked abroad and believe me our nation is much more open-minded to different that some "western" civilized countries! Maybe they are better in LGBT question but on other no there are 10X worst that us! Try to be a gipsy in France or an Arab in Denmark

Or in my case a Croat/Yugović in Netherlands and then you will see the norowmidnes of the civilized people!

And being a gypsy in Croatia is easy? Believe me, my school is near a market where there are a lot of gypsy people working - it's not easy. Or a chinese person, since the number of them is increasing in my town very fast. You wouldn't believe how often I see and hear hateful comments about them. Most of people barely consider them human. Our people are very narrowminded. The only reason racism isn't very noticeable is because there aren't many people of colour in our country, but that will change too since we entered the EU recently.

It won’t, also there is no more racistic people than chines people. Also Gypsies I know where I live are well but it could be because they embraced our living standards they have nice houses nice cars and a good lifestyle. Also there is more bad comets about Hrecegovci then Gypsies. Also I think your neighborhood bay all of your comments is some bad place.

But you can't rtgue that our country has a pretty big concentration of this kind of idiots.

Sorry, my computer is lagging.



The only hate group in Croatia is LGBT with their fascistic methods of implementing pressure on the people. The only group that is calling for violence is the LGBT and their liberal-communist friends. If you got true Croatian media only they use hateful language toward anybody having different opinion. For example if you support the idea that the marriage is a union between a man and a woman automatically you are backward and cahtoliktaliban there same thing happened in parliament where a member of HNS (neo-liberals) called all people singed for the referendum 20% of population a filthy people.

OMG !!!!!!!!!!

Please, stop embarrassing yourself and our country.

Why because I speak the truth!? I will never be ashamed of spiking the truth. Why don’t you explain to these people how it all started and why? You can tell then all about Modul 4 Zdravstvenog Odgoja. Why don’t you tell them that almost 80% of people will vote 01,12,2013 ZA and half of them just because of your aggressive champagne attacking the church. It’s easy to label us as fascists and backward idiots, but the is the result of that labeling! Why your biggest SDP- supports didn’t change the Obiteljski zakon if they are sooo pro LBGT and why the hell instead of fighting for your rights you are stubbornly fighting for a name BRAK!

Because, you know, fighting against a group that is so stubborn in forbidding the people in LGBTQ* community from being able to marry the person they love is completely mental! 

I am ashamed to call myself Catholic these days. I am ashamed to say what my religion is because of you stupid, backwards, untolerant, hating people! How can you say you are a Christian? You may go to the church every day, but you sure as hell don't live by your faith. Our God tells us to love everyone equally. You should be ashamed of yourself. No one is attacking the Church here. Just the hateful people that try to show love as something twisted.

Modul 4 zdravstvenog odgoja (modul 4 of health education) was there first and foremost to teach children about responsible sexual behavior, understanding their body, not being ashamed of their feelings and about tolerance towards others. How is that a bad thing and what does it have to do with this problem?

People will for AGAINST. I have hope in our country. And if I turn out to be wrong, at least the world will finally see us for the small-minded, bigoted country we are.

how can somebody be ashamed of something they choos wilingly?? You can always stop beeng Chatolik its easy. But dont epect that the chatolik chich changes just to meke you happy!? Its known wnat chatolic chich stands for and what its opinion on certain matter is. I dont know wher you get the idea that you shuld chang the religion?

I am ashamed to live in a country where 355 000 people are unemployed and the LGBT is spending 48 000 000Kn to change the unchangble instead of them fighting for their rights.

You have your opinion I have my I don’t see why you need to call me a fascist of an ignorant person just to prow you are right! You don’t like Croatia move we are I EU you can live wherever you want. You don’t like catholic church stop being member of it there is all sorts of religions that you can join!

1) I was baptised when I was a child. People rarely choose their religion willingly. 2) I love my religion, what it represents, what God and Jesus tell us to do, but I'm ashamed to say I'm a Catholic because then other people have prejudices about me based on other Catholic people being hateful and ignorant. Not all of them, but a vast number of them. They don't follow what our religion says, making other people to think badly of us as a whole.

LGBTQ* aren't changing this. They didn't start this initiative. "In the name of the family" did.

I never called you a fascist. I did say you are ignorant, though, because all of the facts point to it. 

I love my country and I love my religion. I don't want to move or change my religion. I want people to be tolerant and loving. Guess I'm asking for too much.

You have some issues!

First you say you are ashamed to be Croatian a catholic now you say that you love that you are Croatian and Catholic.

The Catholic Church won’t change just to endolge you! It will be always a Catholic Church doctrine that mirage is a union of men and a women for reproducing offspring. It will always stay that sodomy is a sin!

Now we can argue and even agree that we should embrace our brothers and sisters even if they are living in sin! Dear tea you ether accept that religion as is or don’t there is no change you cannot whip parts of Bible just because you don’t like it.

I accept the religion, however I don't accept the Church and people who lead it. The principles of our religion are to love one another (Ljubi bližnjega svoga kao samoga sebe.), yet so many "religious people" decide to ignore that on a daily basis. They give a bad reputation to other catholic people. 

Catholic Church is still stuck in middle ages in many, many ways. I love the religion, just not the people who represent it. They are the prime example of hypocrisy. 

I love this country, but not ignorant people who live in it. I was born here, my family lives here, I don't wish to move from here. There are ignorant people everywhere, it just happens that in this country there are more of them.

Please, if you tell me that people should only have sex to reproduce, then I don't think this argument will accomplish anything. And do tell me where in the Bible does it say anything against homosexuals and that it's relevant to our religion.

You are talking about Christianity not Chatolic chrch

Please be careful when labeling things you quote (Ljubi bližnjega svoga kao samoga sebe.) because in same time somebody can quote (Treća knjiga Mojsijeva 20:13: "Ko bi muškarca obukao kao ženu, učiniše grijeh obojica; da se pogube; krv njihova na njih".) or (ne lijegaj s muškarcem kako se liježe sa ženom! To bi bila grozota. (Levitski zakonik 18,22 JB)

Na tvoje pitanje o bibliji:

P.S. možda bi trebala više vremen provest čitajuć o kršćanstvu jer meni se čini da ono i nije baš za tebe tj. tvoje stavove

I'm talking about both, because Christianity is divided in Catholic Church,  the Eastern Orthodox Church, and various forms of Protestantism. (Katolici, pravoslavci i protestanti. Uči se na vjeronauku i povijesti u osnovnoj školi.) But this issue is mainly about Catholic Church.

Levitski je zakonik sastavljen kako bi se čovječanstvo kaznilo zbog istočnoga grijeha. On je prestao vrijediti nakon što je Isus poginuo za nas na križu.

Uzmimo sada Treću knjigu Mojsijevu. Ako želimo poštovati taj dio, moramo i sve druge, zar ne? Naposlijetku, ne smijemo samo birati rečenice koje nam se sviđaju. Da vidimo što još u njoj ima.

If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death. If a man commits adultery with another man's wife--with the wife of his neighbor--both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death. If a man lies with a woman during her monthly period and has sexual relations with her, he has exposed the source of her flow, and she has also uncovered it. Both of them must be cut off from their people. 

Amo se jednostavno složit da se ne slažemo.

As a Croatian, I must add, that most of the campaign is financed by greedy, wealthy Catholic church who is dedicated in besmirching gay population and especially gay activism, who is openly accusing them of being satanic and "the reason the society is falling apart". so taking some of the "In the name of the family's" money is also taking some from the Catholic church who gave the most in this awful campaign. I say fingers crossed and sue their asses off :D

I apologise for my english and I hope my message got through :)

Your English is crap but your hate for the Catholic church is even bigger. 60 years we lived under your rule (communist) you killed our priests you jailed us just for christening our children, You made us emigrate because we couldn’t get any employment if we even where suspected of being religious.

Now you want to do it again! But this time it will not work because people of Croatia are awake. Anybody from the west who thinks this has anything to do with LGBT people is mistaken. Just not the biggest "supporter" of LGBT is an ex communist party (SDP) they are using them for their own agenda and the stupid LBGT people don’t get it!.

Kiva's English is not even remotely "crap" (actually, you'd do well to check your own spelling and punctuation), and you got it all exactly the wrong way around.

No-one is endangering the Croatian Catholic Church, which is sitting on unimaginable amounts of property, is being financed up the wazoo (and that in one of the poorest countries of the EU) out of all taxpayers' pockets, regardless of whether they are Catholics or agree with what their money is being spent on, is drumming a mediaeval mindset into our children's heads in state-sponsored Religious Education classes (twice a week for all twelve years of primary and secondary education), is sticking its nose into politics and into all nooks and crannies of society, and works itself into a paranoid lather whenever anyone has the temerity to point out Church and State should be separated. 

No-one is endangering or persecuting Croatian Catholics (plenty of whom are, incidentally, gay themselves, in case it has not occurred to you - and I'm sure it hasn't - that one can be both Christian and gay). It's not the priests or the faithful whose rights are being denied, who are being called every insane name you can think of, whose deaths ("put a bullet in his forehead," "they should all be shot," "they should be tied to stakes and burnt," "they don't deserve to live") or imprisonment are routinely called for in public discussion, who get beaten up simply for being what they are, with the police then laughing in their faces.

Not even LGBT groups, and certainly not the ruling coalition, ever breathed a word about gay marriage until the "In the Name of the Family" campaign started. All Prime Minister Milanovic had thought fit to offer to gay people in Croatia is a promise not to criminalise homosexuality again! And then you people started your idiotic hate-fest and suddenly gay marriage is the most discussed thing in Croatia. It is clear to anyone who a) actually lives here and b) has two brain cells to rub together that this Church offensive (it started about a year ago with the hysteria about Health Education) is aimed at putting HDZ back in power. It's amazing how quiet the Church keeps about everything it's now telling us is a terrible problem - from gays to the use of minority languages and scripts - when HDZ is the ruling party. So now, yes, the "gay marriage issue" (again, no-one is campaigning FOR it even now - a PROTIV vote means not putting a ban on it in the Constitution, where it fricking does not belong even if you are dead set against it, and from where it will be very difficult and costly to remove once the Croatian people finally join the 21st century, perhaps around 2067 or so) is being used for political manipulation, but not by the "Communists" (plenty of actual ex-members of the Communist Party, and even UDBA spies, are in right-wing parties, but that somehow never bothers people like you... Why?). In that situation, what precisely is the LGBT community supposed to do? Decline the support of anyone who is not squeaky clean in every possible way (are there such people in Croatian political life? Of course not) and say: "Oh, we're fine with all this hatred and the denial of rights, we're perfectly happy hiding and trying to figure out how to leave the country. Have your festival of hatred and stupidity by all means, we're as happy as all our fellow citizens to fork out 7 million euros for it."

Also, I don't know what your parents told you, but it's laughable to claim anyone was put in prison for christening their children, even during the darkest days of Yugoslavia. It was a shit place, but that is so ridiculously untrue. You need a bullshit filter and you need to start using your head instead of just parroting nonsense.

One thing I can agree with you is (it started about a year ago with the hysteria about Health Education), you can sac its only a small group of U ime Obitelji, but truly there is a huge support among ordinary people. We are sick and tired to be pushed around by a government that don’t value democracy and a small loud grope there is honestly simply not tolerant! You are talking about taking rights?? Witch rights will be taken away from LGBT that are no implemented.

I written before and I will repit myself again instead of you fighting for your rights you are stubbornly fighting for a NAME - Brand! You are used by SDP for diversion from real problems. And one day if that day comes why do you think its expressive to spend 7 000 000€ again to change the constitution?? Our government spends 10 time more on cell phones.

Regarding Yugoslavia my experiences and yes the situation got better in 80's but my family is coming from Dalmatian zagora and there is numerous times priests, and prominent people where never seen again just because of there religion or love for Croatia. There is even today "Jame" where we know who is in them and I am not talking of people killed after the WWII but in late 50's ask you parents again and stop believing in fairytales. May mother just to get education had to go true questioning of UDBA and vouches of promrnt communists!

But at least you are a polite person, and we can agree that we don’t agree, the only thing is that I don’t understand why LGBT is so against democracy, and referendum is the direct democracy!

well that is a lot of disinformation on your behalf. I've lived 12 years in ex-Yugoslavia and my grandmother was a catholic and she vent to church every day during this regime you are talking about, and we celebrated christmas and eastern with her although we rejected religion but we respected it, and my neighbors were baptized and vent also through other sacraments without a scratch from this so called evil regime you are talking about.

I see you never lived in Yugoslavia! And in any regime you can celebrate Christmas and ester in your own home with closed door. Also pleas don’t lecture me on how it was to live under communism my family felt the "gentle" hand of communism first hand. My mother when she wanted to go to college she and whole family was questioned by UDBA, also 2 prominent communist had to vouch for her, because we weren’t "the perfect" communist family. My grandfather had to emigrate to Germany because he couldn’t get any job anywhere the reason was he didn’t want to join the communist party which was obligatory for getting employment in government companies and in communism 99% of them are government owned. So pleas don’t tell me how it was. As in any regime there was people having a great time and lot of opportunities but lot so them didn’t. Even today in my village they vespers of young people who were taken in middle of the night in late 50's and never saw again. My friends crisend there children in secret so they wouldn’t have trouble in their companies! And soo on.

By the way you support LBGT as I can see did you know that it was panelized up to 5 years of jail if you her guy in your beloved communist Yugoslavia

Actually, their leader is part of OPUS DEI. There they get the money. A foreign sect trying to ruin another country with their primitivenes and financial interets.

I'm a Croatian too,mother of three children,married to a man.I belong to the part od Croatia that is against this so called circus that is going on at the moment in our contry...I'm acctually very pleased to see that there are so many people who speak against this initiative..That's why I hope from the 1th of December we will be news as the nation who choose not to be anti human...
Too much money is spent to protect 'family' that is already protected...and making sure that nobody else gets the 'privilege' we have.
That's why I hope there will be enough people to say WE ARE AGAINST!!!!
Forgive my english,I wasn't using the translator :-)

Your english is better without translator, belive me ;)


On what ground they will sue them? Somehow I don't see legal ground in "We hate them beacuse they hate gays". 

ever heard of copyright infringement 

Hell yeah! Sue them! They've got money. Take it all and make something useful with it! Help us wash off the shame they've put us to.

Cheers from Croatia 

well, I don't know how well you've been informed about "in the name of family" - let's call it what it is - political orientation - but - you should most definitely sue.
You can thank whomever you're thanking, on the fact that you are not from Croatia, and can't read Croatian articles. Because - omg - it's so disgusting, discriminating (even though they're constantly repeating that they are not - when you ask for arguments - you get that they are just not.), lying, filthy, lack of imagination even, stealing scumbags with ->
that - as their leader.
That reproducted too - that info made me very sad. 
So, in the name of HEALTY REASON and reason at all, and all the people who know what the true values on this little ball are, PLEASE, sue the hell out of them. PLEASE.
Take this, homophobic people story to any magazine, make a complete fools of our country (because we obviously deserve it), and let the world take it's course. MAYBE then this sheeps with which i share the air that i breathe, could realize that not every scientific fact, or in fact, any sign of reason isn't conspiracy after "all the good they want for us" - it's what it is - like I said before - disgusting, homophobic, cheating, stealing, lying political organisation witch should be stooped asap.

Thank you for reading, with respect,

one person from Croatia who is sick with all the crap.

Share love & happines

<3 <3 <3

an just because it matters if you're fricken croatian - i'm straight - and no - that wasn't my choice!

i was praying the guys would do that :) the fact that the anti-gay community is a bunch of bored lying manipulators isn't going to stop the referendum but i am honestly happy to give them trouble and sleepless nights like they gave it to a lot of croatian people

even though i am a minor and i am currently on another continent alone, i spent last week going through all of the interviews and stuff about referendum and after getting irritated and annoyed so many time because of their ignorance this is the first good and happy news

As a Croat, I am deeply ashamed to be living there because of this stupid "U ime obitelji" organization (an anti-gay hate group rather, as you call it). Please, sue their fat discriminative asses and take as much money from them as you can! 
Lots of love for the LGBTQ community from Croatia <3

You call them discriminative XD let’s go true your post:

- stupid

-hate group

- fat asses

And all of this just because they don't agree with you!

And for you not living in Croatia this is just a small part how they "the tolerant and fill of love" talk to anybody not agreeing with them. But again that is good because thy do this in this way 50% more people will vote "ZA" i know even some gay people will vote ZA just because thy are sick of this manipulative, small, aggressive group!

They are a hate group, and as one you cannot possibly call them smart. Telling the truth is not discriminating them; trying to forbid people in LGBTQ* community from getting married, adopting children, or even telling who they are in public, calling them unnatural and somehow harmful to our country - THAT is discrimination.

And yes, "In the name of family" are a small, agressive, bigoted group, which is why people will for AGAINST.

(Sorry if I said something wrong, English is not my first language, although when I see these things from my fellow countrymen I sure wish it was.)

- trying to forbid people in LGBTQ* community from getting married

You want to say that now in Croatia homosexuals can get marred??

-calling them unnatural

Well don't tell me heterosexuality is natural I know that it is not political correct to say that but for God sake do you know the meaning of the word natural??  Been blind is alos not natural or how you say "unnatural" that doesn’t mean the we have to eat the gay and the blind for breakfast!

(Sorry if I said something wrong, English is not my first language, although when I see these things from my fellow countrymen I sure wish it was.)

You can always move to Ireland they speak English there!

No, they can't, and they never tried to, but this lovely group is trying to make sure they are never able to. 

I think you got it wrong there? I think heterosexuality, homosexuality, in short every sexuality IS natural. What isn't natural is hating people based on their sexuality. Homosexuality is found in many animal species; homophobia is found just in one, and that's us. 

I'm sorry, I lost you there. How is blindness and homosexuality even similar? But I agree with you that we shouldn't, eh, as you put it, eat them for breakfast. We should treat them the same, because they're all human beings and deserve our tolerance, respect and all the equal  rights, don't you agree?

If only living somewhere else would erase the shame I feel because of my countrymen... but it won't.

"every sexuality IS natural."

Pedophilia is also sexual orientation! By what you say that’s natural also??

I agree we should treat them the same, because they're all human beings and deserve our tolerance, respect and all the equal rights!

But note "BRAK" is not a human right nether by UN or by EU human right court! I respect every human being that respects me when I am disrespected I give it back the same way!

No, it is not a sexual orientation. You cannot compare two consent adult having a relationship with an adult molesting a child. 

As I just told you, it is a human by the UN.

How are you disrespected?

*a human right

No marriage is not a human right and it’s not defined as union or men and men or woman and woman in UN! Pleas don spared lies!

Sue them, and thake this from homophobic leader Zeljka Markic:

I'm all for the artists defending their rights, but its not a gay hate group.

They are trying to forbid gay people from ever getting married, adopting children, having a family... Not a gay hate group, suuuuure.

No, it's just hetero-love-is-the-only-real-love group, they're all about loving and protecting families from evil gays who want to kidnap and rape our children. Dude... C'mon... It's a hate group.

I second that.

Looking forward to the lawsuit! They deserve it for making the lives of the Croatian LGBTQ comunity a living hell these days, including mine.

Good job guys!!! I'm Croatian and I'm against any way of discrimination! Gay love is equal to any other love! Love and be loved, judge and you will be juged! Live and let live! Sue them! They DESERVE IT! L.O.V.E. U!

 I am from Croatia and i want to someone from outside show them where they belong in this world..In the blackest hole of stupidity and ignorance.LGBT <3<3<3

I hope they sue those idiots. This is the first time in my life that I'm ashamed to say I'm from Croatia... 

We're from Croatia, and instead of being proud of our own country, we're all ashamed of what's happening!!! Shame on those people who want to ban gay marriage! We're all equal, and we all have our rights to be happy and in love! I hope Europe and the entire world give a lesson to our corrupted Parliament!!! RESPECT FOR THE GUYS! 

same here..can't believe this is really happening..

I m from croatia, and i can t wait from xx to sue that stupid homofobic group that are trying to get us in 10th century !!

I m from croatia and I'm ashamed for that crazy thigs is going on here.

slažem se! :)

sue their asses off

I agree..sue the hell out of them, they have loads of money and they don't even want to say from where..they are a hateful group of stealing conservatives!

Yes, yes, sue them for everything they've got, stealing bastards. And I know, they have A LOT! Pretty much everything stolen. And now they want to take away human rights. So sad :(

Good going sue them into bankruptcy. I love "Heart Shipped A Beat".

**Skipped rather.

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