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Gay "Naked Roommate" Craigslist Ad Captures D.C.'s Attention

Creepy Craigslist ads are definitely now a dime a dozen, but a man searching for a naked roommate has taken the site's reputation to a new level thanks to attention from D.C. Curbed. 

On the ad, which boasts of a room in Chinatown for $1 (with a catch), Curbed writes:

This poster has a "unique" offer but it sounds more like a sketchy and possibly illegal offer. This man is looking, ideally for a straight or bisexual man with a girlfriend to be his naked roommate, although he said he'll accept a gay man if it comes to that. Nude houses show up on Craigslist from time to time, but usually those involve normal rent payments. Those who weren't already creeped out by the stipulation "$1/month rent to make lease legal" might be by the end of the listing.

Here's the ad itself:

Want to live in a penthouse in chinatown for basically free ($1/month rent to make lease legal)? Then read on. I’m a male looking for another male (straight or bisexual w/girlfriend prefered, but masc gay is cool too) to be my naked roommate. Sounds crazy, but this is for real. You should be 26 or younger and very attractive. Arraignment would be mostly “looking” but some “touching” will be required (how much/often is negotiable).

Think that the poster will find a roommate?


it is Chris Evans in an advertisement - using as gimmick - well its illegal here in my country - but i think its kewl - i like to b naked in my own room when sleeping most of the tyme n i m single good looking guy, mixed blood - bsides i thnk its up to individual they want cheap rent nuthing's free so let b let them choose wisely of coz

Creepy is only when the voyeur is ugly fat 60 yr old.


Well, I disagree, some guys find a 60 yr old ugly fat guy attractive or at least sexually arousing, to each their own :)

Not just that... For some a person may be ugly, for some hot, attractive and/or good looking... Close-minded  loser... lol...


interesting, any takers . . . how do you 'interview' for this type of arrangement ?

I answered the ad!  I'm a 26 yo straight male.  I told him he could touch it a one single time otherwise seeing me naked is all that is allowed to happen.

Naked and $1 rent, what's better?

How many guys take in straight friends or gay ones to stay with them in the hopes that they will turn bi for them or better still how many twinks go to live with gay men just for a place to stay and pretend its for love instead of other perks of the non sexual kind? If everyone consents why not? Maybe everyone living in his apartment HAVE to be on the lease even if its a spouse. I read the ad as looking for live in eye candy in exchange for rent .... some touching bit is a bit chancy,,,but he specifies with gf so maybe just a voyeur. Whats an extra person for no cost to you compared to hiring people to have sex in front of you? 

I never realized how many illiterate and uneducated people there are in the world until I read this comment thread. WOW!

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B*tch, how high are you?!


Lorieta, you are a stupid cow.

I love that it says "arraignment" rather than "arrangement".

This is a True example of what is wrong with this world and with the LGBT Community @ large... Judgement... you say the Community freaks out if anyone tries to label them, judge them, deny them their rights... This individual, yes, it is different, put his add out there, and honestly I bet he gets plenty of people responding... 

It really isn't our place to judge or to blow things our of proportion... do I personally agree with it NO... but that is me... and I have no right to call him a creep or crepper, or psycho, etc... you guys I have seen so many more horrible things actually happen in a Gay Bar Bathroom, and you all know that is so true, unless you get so drunk you don't remember, so really, GET OVA IT!!! Jerry Springer want-ta-bes... lol... just joking, my point being is that it is harmless if all parties are kosher... so why get upset and judge... I mean everyone is throwing a fit over this, but it is okay for some guy to pay $300 for some to poop on a glass table while he is underneath watching, really, what is a bit more different, lol... Calm down, and worry about your life... 


hello... hello. anyone paying attention.. this is mega BS.. the guy in the doorway Is Chris Evans. what are you all Blind........

Umm... The picture is demonstrative, not part of the ad... Sheesh! It's not affiliated with the ad at all... I'm actually embarrassed for you.

We came out naked - what's the big phuckin deal

I agree...the ad is creepy, and the replies blasting the author are probably also creepy old men who would do the same thing. Creepy I say!

I love to be naked, I am not so sure I am creepy though. 

Why do they let judgmental sex-phobic queens write articles like this?  I'm sure this Jonathan Higbee-whoever is on grindr looking for raw sex parties and blowing Daniel Nardicio on the side anyway... it's always the judgy ones that are the secret sluts.  Grow up.  Write about something that matters.  sex-phobia is so 90's. live and let live.  

And yet, here you are reading it and replying to it, because the title of the article probably caught your attention and you were eager to read more about it, but when it wasn't all you thought it was cracked up to be, you turned into the sex-phobic bitchy queen who is on Grindr looking for all of those raw sex parties and wishing he could blow Daniel Nardicio on the side with. Bitching about how the writer of the article is bitchy and judgy calling him a secret slut and telling him to grow up. Hmmmm, sounds a bit like you are the ones with all of these issues and more. How about you just fuck off?

Wow, pot/kettle/black.


I'm a proud slut!  Let the sexy times commence! 

I think it sounds him and cool, but feel the 'arraignment' (see above ad) would be for a prostitution bust.

That looks like Chris Evans.

That's what I thought too. I'm kind of sure it is.

Um, who cares!

why would this matter to anyone not looking to reply? 

Jonathan Higbee, did he accept you appliccation? Why shame this person?  so now when this person goes looking for sex they're going to hide it even more and let's not assume there's disease and infection out there. but let's not focus on that. let's just continue to put his ad on blast. maybe you're actually helping....

Live and let live.  


why do people have to write "creepy" and "sketchy" whenever someone puts out their sexual needs/desires/fetishes

stop being so sex phobic. 

Wow, totally legit dude, this isn't my thing but whatever if both folks consent,he hurting anybody looking for a naked roommate, I bet he ends up helping out some hot homeless dude lol!

the pic isn't from the ad LOL, its just to draw ppl in to read the actual 'ad' itself...dummies

Only this is completely fake cause that picture is of Chris Evans an actor known for the role of The Human Torch, and Capt. America. 

Yeah that pic is from the movie What's Your Number. He was the neighbor of Anna Farris and often naked which is probably why they picked it for this article lol

Seriously, how dumb are you people?

Well, duh ..... the picture is attached to this article, not the ad listing!

A crazy one.

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