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Python Eats Passed Out Drunk Man In India

Meanwhile in India:

We prefer snakes of the one-eyed variety, thank you very much.



Image Source (H/T: Sport Smasher)


Another bullshit internet exclusive.


I wanna stop reading ANYTHING online, as you don\t even know if it is factual!

tous ce que j'ai a dire ce n'est pas un boa car j'en ai un a la maison et sa c'est un python retic jaune d'inde je veux exactement le meme mes amis donc pas de boa n'y python d'afrique 


What the hell is up with everyone o. Here? This was about a snake and now it's about race, food chain, and other bullshit! U all got your own opinions and that's fine. Everyone does not have to agree with your opinion and your opinion may not be correct to others.  Get a life and do something productive instead of bitching about shit that no one cares about!! IDIOTS!

All of you guys on this post have small brains and fighting with a idiot only proves you are and idiot your self I just tell them ( that's nice) 

Including YOU! ......and me because I'm responding to you .. ja

SMH It's a Columbian Red Tail Boa!!!

Google it!!! It's not reticulated at all. You can tell  from the pattern on its back. 

It's a reticulated python

If that python ate a man in a public place, why didn't anyone stop it? ? ? Bit weird no one intervened. ..

no one just simply intervenes with a python

That is a Reticulated python.  I should know as I have 3.

It's not in Africa; Retics are Asian.

It is not a person; probably a deer or similar type animal.

Circle of life people! Get over it! The snake ate well! Just an example of the fact that we are NOT the top of the food chain! 

Its really a biggest snake in the world, who have eaten a man. I have seen several Amazing Videos and HD Pictures of snakes on various sites. But you are carrying out the amazing stuff here. Thanks for sharing the weird news with us.

African Rock Python, not a retic or a boa lol 

That is NOT Python sebae.  It is most definitely Python reticulatus.

this pic was taken in june in africa. i think this story's fake. take a look.

and just like that t but it's not a Python but a Boa constrictor both have really not the same skin and it's Constrictor skin 

That's a reticulated python.

Oh my god them this snake can take plane too because in june  it was in south africa it eating  woman them this  fantastic snake can eat human and take plane too that amazing

Why do people always have to comment; venue for idiots. 



You fucking psychopaths need to understand one thing. The fact that we have to eat at all, plant or animal, is a fucking tragedy. I would go to sleep if I weren't so afraid of the dark.


Damn you....better u don't call Indians damn.....n if ur so interested in videos only den go check youtube....dont just follow instinct!

Idiots saying its the circle of life a man was eatin by a snake not a pig or cow sure u would feel very differently had the man been a relative of yours god forbid it the snake should be cutt open so relatives can lay him to rest 

I wouldn't.

One less indian to worry about. The planet is over populated with them sorts.

I'm sick of scum of the earth racists like you trying to represent the white majority. You don't. If you can't handle other races and cultures that's you're own problem. One I suggest you solve by putting a noose around your neck. 

i hate indians ! Majority of them smells, and TONA = Talk Only No Action

"them sorts"? You have proven in your post (twice), that you are an idiot.

This world is overpopulated with your sorts, sir.

Yea. Whateva

Rightly said friend...!!!

Pythons are not pets

Sure it's nature, that's what it does, like us it has to survive. Comments about why it's not cut open, why should it be, if the story is true the man was dead long before being swallowed, it's a magnificent creature doing what it has to do for its time on the planet. Maybe take a look in the mirror and contemplate as we are killers and butchers of all creatures big and small. I'm with the snake here prob his best feed ever.

Darren, I like you.   You said exactly what I was thinking.  No one likes to think about being food for something else, but that's a normal fear primates of the human variety have. 
You're also right that the person would be long dead by this point. 
And to another commentator, no, I wouldn't feel differently if it was a relative of mine.  Why?  Because no relative of mine would be drunk and passed out to the point they wouldn't know they were being suffocated (since that's what constrictors do) and then eaten.  If they're that stupid, and/or that much of an drunken mess,...I'll gladly present the Darwin Award to them personally.  

I totally agree with you!  I have 2 highly domesticated pythons & feed them frozen food only (they've never done live feeding) & I keep them fed well, but I wouldn't hesitate to think that if they were hungry, anything would be on their menu.  It's nature.  We do the same thing, but feel man is "superior" enough to do so.  Again... it's nature & ANY creature is superior enough to keep themselves fed one way or another. 

I have to agree with this! It's a vicious circle of life! The snake was like that's my thanksgiving dinner right there! 

Very possible,Pythons have a very flexible mouth,jaw and neck.Their mouth can open wider about 8 times morethan their regular mouth and jaw size.If the prey is moving they will punch it with their  head,nose area then wrap on it and strangle the prey with the very strong muscles they got breaking the prey bones and then they will pour a lot of saliva  on the prey to easy swallow. They are devils.I have seen a python swallow an antelope..

Pythons are pythons,not a pet at all.they will swallow your kid even if you've had them for a decade thinking they are trained.

Well,sorry to that poor man.

Get some python!!! Lolz

This is a very sad story. I wish something could be done to prevent this.



Lol what do you propose be done to stop a wild animal from being a wild animal? 

If the bastard wasn't drunk, it wouldn't have happened. Poor snakes liver is going to give out.

I did a search at, and it is apparently a hoax.  See

so why didn't they just cut the snake open and get him out??

Because it's fake...

Because he would be dead, you can't survive being eaten by a snake!

These comments have made my day! Yes it can and does happen. Contrary to some of the belief in some of these comments, some snakes do have the capability to swallow prey considerably bigger than themselves. As they have a ligament in their jaws with highly elastic properties, as well as their skin and gut, they can swallow prey the size of full grown adults. Yes it would take a very long time and digestion would take months, but it is possible and has happened.

@rob thank you for that national geographic fact haha


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