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Russian Neo Nazi Groups Tricking And Torturing Gay Male Teens

This is Putin's Russia. 

Neo Nazis in the country have been advised by a top-ranking supremacist to create fake profiles on (a popular Russian social network) and lure in gay male teens for torture. 

Spectrum Human Rights Alliance has more on the continued deterioration in Russia:

Infamous Russian ultranationalist and former skin head, Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname "Cleaver" (or "Tesak" in Russian) spearheaded a country wide campaign against LGBT teens using a popular social network to lure unsuspected victims through personal ads. Mr. Martsinkevich's numerous and enthusiastic followers started two projects: "Occupy Pedophilyaj" and "Occupy Gerontilyaj".  Allegedly they are trying to identify and report pedophiles using these "movements".

In reality, over 500 online groups have been created inside social network in order to organize illegal militant groups in every Russian city. Oddly enough their idea of fighting pedophiles targets exclusively male teenagers who respond to the same-sex personal ads and show up for a date. Captured victims are bullied and often tortured while being recorded on video.  These self-proclaimed "crime fighters" perform their actions under the broad day light, often outside and clearly visible to general public that indifferently passes by or even commend them. Video recordings of bullying and tortures are freely distributed on the Internet in order to out LGBT teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many victims were driven to suicides, the rest are deeply traumatized. So far Russian police took no action against these "movements" even though Russian criminal code was clearly violated and despite numerous complaints from parents, victims and LGBT activists.  Social network intermittently shuts down selected groups and profiles only to allow them to be re-open on the next day. Currently, the founder of, Pavel Durov, resides in the US and so far has not released any comments.

One particular torture was recorded by the neo nazis as proof that they had captured a "pedophile" under "Putin's Crackdown." Warning: it's graphic and disturbing due to the teen being "bullied, tortured, and sprayed with urine in broad daylight."




Why no nazi bashing vacation? :O

Just 1 week of nazi bashing.... see how they like that idea? 

Gay people did not ask for these beatings and totrues.... so lets do it also to the nazi's... 

dear ladies and gentleman.
i like to ask you, if you like to visit and share this page:

there are a few people who have compassion for this boy. we're try to find him. and maybe we can help him.

thank you very much.

I'm trying to find him as well

Hi Sir this boy his name is sergeyenko denis mihailov,i was watched this video alots oftimes and my heart is broken for this boy,,,plz any one know any way to contact him because me and my friend need send money to him

this is my email

It's awful, it's a shame for me to be russian, to see all this shit, to se how neonazi treating gays and the other russians keep silent and don''t t think thats need to be stopped, Russian are very conformistic people. They don't want to talk things which other people will not like, If u'll try to say "I;m gay" here, wild russians will laugh at you or even beat you, it's terrible((( I want to leave Russia thouth i'm straight, Because i''m childfree and atheist and liberal and tolerance and i suppose that these categories will be treated in the future...(((

This video is not everything about russian gays 'lifes. The reality is worse, much more worse

I am a married straight man and, like many people, I know the truth: HOMOPHOBES ARE HOMOSEXUALS IN DENIAL. Why else would someone invest so much energy into thinking and worrying about what other people do with their lives? They are obsessed with homosexuality. They hope that by trying to eliminate it from view that they might stop feeling their homosexual feelings. They hope that if they make a big public stance of "I hate homosexuals" then people will stop suspecting that they are gay. But many of us know the truth.... When I was young, age 10-13, most of my male friends and cousins approached me to do sex things with them. I did not respond sexually to them so nothing happened. But it did not bother me because it was a very common occurrence. I stayed good friends with them. But from around age 14, when social pressure really kicks into males to conform to be cold soldier-robots who will march off to die in a war, those male friends changed from being fun, friendly, happy boys into being very angry, hateful, miserable, cold and violent men. They became violent homophobes. They channel their repressed sexual energy into anger. Because they were rejected and maybe even punished for being gay at a younger age, because they do not have the courage to go against the herd of society, to be who they really are inside, gay. What they hate most of all are other gay people who have the courage to be who they are. So instead of coming out and being gay, they instead choose to try and imprison the other people who do have that courage. What they hate most of all is someone else who dares to have the freedom that they will not give themselves. We all know this to be true. On the other hand, truly heterosexual men do not feel any strong emotions or feelings about gay males because it is not an issue to us. We do not feel any troubling sexual attraction to them. So there is no energy to convert into irrational hatred of them. We are happy to let them be who they want to be.

Yups! - This is whats indeed is going on about the feelings and stuff.... i think its sad :(

Ding ding ding we have a winner.


I would just care to know what exactly you think would happen if we all started beating the shit out of anyone with a different lifestyle. How many humans do you think we'd have left? Yes, that includes all of you homophobes who think you're absolutely normal even though you have decided to hate people that YOU HAVEN'T EVEN MET. You guys' right hands like your penises enough, so you got a problem with other guys liking penis? Get over yourself. And also, how many women do you think are out there that like hateful asses who torture other people without hesitation? I don't. In fact, I find gay-haters repulsive. You are slimy human beings that have no right to breathe the same air as kind, sensible human beings.

There's an awful lot of gays in Russia huh, you keep hate fucking all though's gays, and soon there will be more of you in russia  then in the middle east!!! keep up with the whole putting D's-n-A's thing, we're counting on you!!!!

Any human being with a shred of decency agrees that the government-sanctioned homophobia that's going on now in Russia now is disgusting. The hate-filled comments on this thread are deplorable. Hate ignorance and evil apparently have a stronghold on Eastern Europe. It's up to the civilized world to show we won't put up with it. BOYCOTT RUSSIA!!!

Now I now why you gay-maricans are all homos,because Osama fucked you in the ass in 9/11 and you like it. Even your fucking nigger ape-like president is a fag! HAHAHAHAHA!

LOL.  After well over 6,000 years of trying, Bulgaria is still nothing.  In just over 200 years, America became the a world superpower. Jealous much?

Why are you crying  so much ,you shitty gay Americans, did Hitler reaped and burned your jewish grandmothers and grandfathers  ?! I'm glad to heir that!

Heil Hitler! 88

I think Russia needs a big bomb's time for some depuration hahaa..

I'd love to see you GAYmericans start a war with Russia, and watch every last piece of shit of your "nation" dieing under the hellfire of russian nuclear weapons!

With HATE from Bulgaria!

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answer:      Half a brain and a full set of teeth

with hate from AMERICA

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I bet if you come to Bulgaria/Russia you woudn't have a face or anyting!!!

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You are a hateful piece of shit that does not deserve to breathe.

Oh please. Stop trolling. No one is really THAT ridiculous. 

North America needs to boycott everything Russian

Hi, I am Russian , but I live in the US. Russia will never change, neither is anyone who is not Russian or isnt from there, will understand the inner working of the Russian government and mentality. Russian government beginning with the Soviet was always very similar to Russian criminal societies structure. Putin is Boss and it will be how he says, and if its not him, it will be someone else. You cannot undo almost 100 years of a certain mentality and structure, in just 2 decades ( i am not even talking about just The Russian mentality, which is almost 3 times as old as US). I dont approve it, i dont dissaprove it, i just understand that this is how it is and will be. (what I am talking about is the way Russia is operated, not just the Anti-Gay lawst)

To all those that start bashing a person for not agreeing with their lifestyle choice and saying that NEO-NAZIs should bash HIM or whatever, is the same as the first person commenting Do YOU like and agree with everyones lifestyle and choices?. I personally dont care about your lifestyle, I dont like it when I see 2 guys kissing,  but I wouldnt ever beat you or demean you because of it.  That small difference is called an intellect, culture and civility. Something that those people in the video do not have. They are what you call "BIDLA" or "Low Class Scum".  Also remember this, Putin came from KGB, he is a cop at heart and that is how he runs the country. Basically he runs it similar to all the others, just on the low.

To suggest that being gay is a "lifestyle choice" betrays your ignorance of the matter. To live honestly and with integrity is not a "lifestyle." It is LIFE.

I appreciate your insight on this topic but I feel that your mindset of that is how it is and always will be is what condones this type of garbage to continue. If no one does anything but follow of course nothing will change. Also just because you say you would not beat a gay does not hide the fact that you stated you do not approve or DISAPPROVE of this action. Why would you not disapprove? It is human beings torturing other human beings. What if this was your son? Then would you disapprove of him being beaten and tortured?

Being gay isn't a lifestyle choice - you are born that way. Anti-gay laws are pure hate - which the Russian government supports.

what happen to Russia? Are Russia still undeveloped? do you know what is human right?

what do you think you have the right to treat someone like that?

shame on you!

I found that video deeply disturbing. I feel for all gay people trapped in countries with this middle age mentality. I sure hope this kid can make it out of there somehow. 

Speak up Russians these bigots are making your entire country look like fools to the entire world your president is now a Joke and he is making the citizens of Russia a joke as well  step up to the plate and stand up for the rights of all not just some. Don't let Putin take you back to the dark ages of ignorance and fear mongering.  It is the People United than bring change  fight back and victory will be yours.

I really believe if you are not part of the solution , you are part of the problem

having a shouting match does nothing to combat the issue.

You, your children are the future,  what is your legacy

Putin is a pedophile and this is his defense mechanism (remember that scene when he kissed the infants on his belly and had the need to undress his to do this?), He obviously feels that by targeting gays he is going to appear more heterosexual and away from this stigma. Leave them alone jerk they are not hurting anyone.

Heartbreaking... I hate Russia...


This is looking , more as aggressive pedophiles . Who express them self as nazi ...People who want to see pain to others ,blood ,harm etc...  That is psycho  people  with sick psycho president ..World must to do something to stop them !

Putin is Hitler. It's too sad that he and his partners in crime are using LGBT people as a scapegoat for the country's problems, and this hateful insanity has a lot of followers. When Germany was having major problems in the 20's and 30's, the Jewish minority was scapegoated and persecuted. So to those neo-Nazis is Russia: what's your next step? Putting pink triangles on all or suspected LGBT people. Then locking them up in camps? Then torturing and killing them? Their only crime is wanting to live free of eugenic, filthy, genocidal scum like you guys!!!

I totally agree with your statement, but to correct you it is upside down purple triangles that the gays were forced to wear in Germany.

I don't understand why that video is labeled as graphic. There's no "torture" in the video. Basically the kids put up a fake ad pretending to be an old man who agreed to have sex with the 15-year-old in the blue jacket for money. He came all the way from a suburb of Moscow to meet "Uncle Dmitri" (the fake old man's name) and the entire video is basically them teasing him about that and at the end they pour pee on him. (I speak Russian)

Of course, this whole situation could have been staged to get people thinking "Oh my God! There are old gay men trying to have sex with children in our country..." 


I speak russian too. ты ослеп и больше ничего не слышыш.

Да вы что? Почему я ослеп? я просто перевожу для тех, кто не знает русский и не знает, что показано в видео. Зачем вы меня оскорбляете? Я ведь поддерживаю геев и ЛГБТ-сообщество. 

Good work. Gays are an infestation to humanity. Also, funny how the gays lie about them being "Neo-Nazi" when they are no such thing. Just good samaritans ridding their community of homosexual filth and gay pedophiles.


That's so hateful and a testament to the hatred that's infested your heart and mind. I hope you can find peace and learn to see things as they really are.

Drop dead asshole. I hope some Nero Nazi's torture you and piss all over you. 

Someone should rid the community of people like you loe.. 

Your an absolute idiot. Imbecile, moran, fool, degenerate, ignorant, backward tosser.

Your comments and those of you that post similar comments are nothing more than dim - witted pea beans, of whom there are no other adjectives than the similar ones I've stated to describe you.

Go read a book and join the 21st century people! 

It's actually quite pathetic that people like yourself feel the need to dehumanize others - one would ask if yourself and others like you are hiding your own latent homosexuality!?


Actually if you'd do any research at all on the subject then you'd know, bigot, that psychologists have found no proof that homosexuality = pedophilia. In fact, pedophilia is in itself its own thing. Those people are attracted to CHILDREN not boys or girls. You're probably just as bad if you think you need to protect boys from child molesters and not girls. FACEBOOK/HAMORONS <- HOMOPHOBES ARE MORONS!

To an unschooled mind, there may appear to be some truth in what you say, but where and why i ask  all the hatred. I think its about time you joined the rest of the world and think for yourself, instead of just mouthing off something parrot fashion from your government and less fortunate members of the uneducated public.

95% of pedophiles are men who have sex with girls. you don't seem to care about girls much. or the truth. you are the infestation - to females and gay people everywhere with your hate-filled bile, lies and ugly violence. you will the be the one to answer to god, nobody else. this video is a teenage boy, not a pedophile. you have an ugly soul.leave people be.get a life. good samaritan? hardly. I hope you get help. you need it.

Also, I know "Loe" and he LOVES dudes and loves kissing me on my balls. xo Stan.

really, u need an education, u do know there are 3 sexual organs  the penis, and clit which are the same thing and the prostate located in every mans bum. gays are innocent pple using their sexual organs. putin is a schizophrenic god loving fool, and needs to be locked up, in the rubber rm. its sad, that u are out there hating innocent pple, and doing it while being uneducated. maybe one day you ll wake up.

For the record, you are everything that is wrong with the world. You're incapable of forming a rational thought, and you're a deeply perverted, immoral sack of shit.

You're a lousy shitstain of a human being, and you make the world a worst place and bring humanity down merely by existing. Blame "homosexual filth" for your problems all you want - in reality, the average gay is ten million times more moral and intellectually capable than you.

 I hope you're just a troll, but the sad fact is, people like you exist.  People who honestly believe what you say represent everything that's wrong with the human race.  I'd much rather be gay then the kind of sick monster who takes delight in the mutilation and torture of vunarable young people.  

Guess your overwhelming love of cock causes you to react with such anger. Fag.

Guess your overwhelming love of cock causes you to troll gay websites so you can humiliate other people as a rank projection of your own deeply embedded self hatred. 

Ok, now that I see that you were responding to Loe, rather than suggesting that anyone who is angry over this must be a "fag." Sorry for the vitriolic response - but the mere thought of someone defending these guys' actions makes me extremely angry.

Here's a hint, you morally bankrupt shit: All decent human beings react with outrage to the suggestion that a teenager deserves to be tortured merely for homosexuality. 

If you had a soul or a brain you would get that. Unfortunately, it's very clear that you lack both of those things, you vacuous nonentity.

So how does it feel to be evil, villainous scum?

Scott Lively was just boasting about Russia's anti-gay law and how they should be a model.  I really cannot understand how he can call himself a Christian.  These thugs are now embolden and they are not even hiding their faces - thank you Vladimir Putin.  Anybody who goes to Russia, spends any money supporting Russian products are encouraging this thugs to continue oppressing our brothers and sisters.

I'm sad to read this, and sadder that cowardly homophobes post hatefully on a gay magazine site.  Wow, does it really makes you a big man to talk trash hiding anonymously behind a screen name on a gay magazine web site?  My heart goes out first to the kids whose only mistake was answering a false personal ad and also to all of you haters, folding your ugly words inside your bitter mouths hoping to feel better than somebody.  How's that working for you, stunted bullies?

Video is mirrored here:

This is what the blood thirsty terrorists Tony Perkins and Scott Deadly - I mean "Lively" have cheered for, and created. Hitler would be proud of them.

são muito bom gostaria de receber video de vcs.

Remember when this happened to the Jews? 

What was so disturbing about the video? Yes, a bunch of bullies picking on what seems to be an innocent kid but nothing that's out of the ordinary here in the states.

Not a bad idea

Someone should have said that when your Mom was considering aborting you..the world would have been better off.

what's not a bad idea? torturing TEENAGERS?!?!?! you know that makes you a horrible person...

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Can anyone plauy the video ? i can't

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