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Walgreens Starts Selling Zombie Dildo. Seriously. [NSFW]

The perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything? 

Go back to your coffins, vampires, the current pop-culture obsession with zombies has become OFFICIAL, thanks to Walgreens. The chain drugstore has expanded its market reach to necrophiliacs (and the Walking Dead's hardcore fanbase) with the addition of a serious zombie dildo.

That's right. Now customers can purchase a living dead's phallus when they head online to fill their antibiotic prescriptions. 

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Umm, why is the dildo under "Toys for men"?

Geesh, people.  First of all, the dildo referred to IS NOT SOLD IN STORES, it must be ordered online, if anyone bothered to read the fine print next to the ad.

Secondly, are you seriously playing the race card regarding a sex toy??  You obviously haven't been to an adult book store (ever) where all races are covered for whatever tastes suit you.

Get real, call your Senator or Representative and start online petitions, but as for me, I will ise my time more productively, such as by advocating for animal and human rights, social security and health care, and a more fair tax code.

Good luck!

I had no idea Walgreens could even sell sex toys!!! O_o

Since when did Walgreens start selling dildo's??? I have never seen them 

For as long as the wealthy have hidden under their rocks of gold and diamonds while the majority have suffered in silence.

You lot think too much.  It's a zombie dildo.  That is all.

Hey, I'm going to Walgreens on Friday. I'll have to see if they carry it.

Hello, there is even a jesus dildo, go for it, screw jesus!

...Of all the things people to get upset about...
And someone has already managed to bring up racial discrimination?
Its not the company that decided to make this that is disappointing, it is people that make an issue out of everything, there is social justice and political correctness, there are also people that don't have enough to do with their time, I mean surely there are more pressing issues than this? -_-
I thought it was interesting and fair enough to get a post, but some of these comments...
say goodbye to hope for humanity :/

Omg. You ppl take this seriously. If you don't like it. Get over it and move on. 

Otherwise, if you like it, cool. Go for it and have fun.

It's only a dildo . Nothing more, nothing less. 

These have been around for at least 2 years. There's also vampire, Frankenstein and cyborg dildos and Fleshlights.

Now let's be honest ppl,most trade I've had may have well have been dead.

so not right.  Do people actually fantasize about having a zombie screw them.

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This dildo is made by Fleshlight, which also does Fleshjack, and is not known for racial diversity. And they've done light and white with their marketing so much (and refuse to change it up even in 2013) that they've run out of ideas.

Now the racially insensitive will claim that I'm desperate and reaching by saying how based on Fleshlight's marketing history, one with a shred of human decency should be concerned. For I need to bring to your attention how this is the first time Fleshlight has made a dark-skinned anything.'s that of a DEAD person. A living dead person!

What's the message being sent here? Hmmm.


I very much agree with what you said. The first thing that came to my mind is, what is so different about it? And why does it have to be a black dildo for a "walking dead"? Im sure that the ​statement  will be raised that once you are dead and the blood stops flowing, and the skin will start to brown form the lack of oxygen..... blah blah blah.... but it still remains that this is still a black walking dead, so if you cant get your BBC alive, just buy a Black Zombie Cock.... SMH

That is just so not right for sure.  But then in this economy, maybe they have to expand their horizons.

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