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Colleagues Expose Lies From Lesbian Server Who Hoaxed Public w/ Homophobic Receipt

Oy. Things aren't looking good for Dayna Morales, the lesbian server and former Marine who gained national attention after claiming that she was stiffed by a customer that "disagreed with her lifestyle."

Earlier this week the couple at the center of the controversy came forward with their copy of the receipt as well as a bank statement showing that they had actually tipped Morales.

Now former colleagues of Morales are coming forward with claims that she's lied consistently on subjects ranging from her health, to her military service, and even to alleged damage to her home that she suffered during Hurricane Sandy.

Gannett reports:

But Morales has been caught in multiple lies, telling co-workers she shaved her head because she had brain cancer and later telling them it was her friend who had brain cancer, her colleagues and friends said.

They said she also told co-workers at a day care center where she once worked that Superstorm Sandy severely damaged her home in Stony Point, and sent a boat into her living room. Concerned co-workers dropped by her home and found only minor damage to the carpet by her front door and no sign of a boat, they said.

“Every story she comes up with has a lie,” said Julie Howat, 23, of Pomona.


Morales told people she was a former Marine who was sent to Afghanistan and that everyone in her platoon died in an explosion except her, Larkin and Howat said.

The explosion left her with back injuries that required surgery and a couple of months to recover, Larkin said Morales told her employer. But during her time off, Morales posted photos of herself on Facebook enjoying a trip to Florida with a girlfriend, they said.

Regarding her alleged service in Afghanistan, Marine Maj. Shawn D. Haney reveals that Morales was only deployed once and that was to Romania, meaning the alleged explosion she suffered through was also a lie. 

“There is no indication of combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan,” Haney writes in an email.

Dayna, you in danger, girl! 

It looks like the tea has been spilled!

What's your take on all of these revelations, Instincters?


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Hope the lesbian community bitch slap her for making the gay community shitty. 

We are fighting hard enough to make a better "name" for ourselves 

never trust a dyke. ever. 

Dayna has done the lgbt community a disservice by misrepresenting herself as the victim of homophobia. She victimized the couple who left no note and did tip her.

Every day there are enough instances of the real deal. We don't need her kind of "help".

She may become the darling of Tea Party Republicans who tend to characterize us all by examples such as Dayna.

See ya on Fox, Dayna! They love liars over there.

Tell them it was your tranny roommate who forced you to do it. 

I knew this story was bogus from the start.

All of you claiming she "needs help" and such are as pathetic and low class as she.

I sincerely hope that the one she accused seeks prosecution against her with restitution

Just look at her, ugly, fat Chez Bono wanna be with no future, other tan a miserable server, which now is probably over.

Dude your comments arecompletely unnecessary! Obviously the girl needs help and feels like she has to lie...for whatever reason. Does not make it right and I am not condoning her actions, they were wrong. But for you to belittle her and use ridiculous childish remarks just shows YOUR ignorance and how pathetic and low class YOU are.


I have to pooooop

Did it come out ok? I have taken several today and feels so good, although a bit runny.

Good thing Im a top!

For everyone saying that each website who runs an article like this "needs to fact check before they proceed," well, it's not that simple.  This isn't a hoax/joke story woven from whole cloth by a comedy writer hoping to make said hoax/joke story go viral.  A joke story has a "ground zero" that can be found if one digs deep enough that will point to it being just a joke.  But this incident is a person making an accusation of something bordering on a hate crime (not tipping isn't criminal activity, but writing a note like that COULD be construed as a hate crime.)   At this point, there has to be an actual and full-blown investigation-- the server, the restaurant, the customers, the other employees, the credit card company that back the customers' card... possibly a full-blown criminal investigation as involves potential credit card fraud, forgery, false accusations, theft... Finding the truth might require legal actions.

It is hard to admit, but many gay men and women are taught to "lie" at a young age so lying unfortunately becomes instinct and natural for many gay men and women when they grow up especially those who grew up having to hide their identity.   This does not excuse her actions, but society needs to learn that they breed liars when they force people in the closet. 

are you gay?

It is hard to admit, but many gay men and women are taught to "lie" at a young age so lying unfortunately becomes instinct and natural for many gay men and women when they grow up especially those who grew up having to hide their identity.   This does not excuse her actions, but society needs to learn that they breed liars when they force people in the closet. 


I hope she gets the help she needs.

You dumb dyke !  That's right, give the homophobes another reason to hate us !

I am sorry but I must say that from the moment I saw this lesbian I knew she is mentally unstable and is a liar. If I were the man of the family she accused of homophobia I would sue her ass and seek justice and money. 
A lot of money, considering the story which became the news in a lot of media outlets in the world. 

Besides a woman who needs help and a wronged family of diners, there's the bigger picture...the Internet has no editor, and too many people -- even normally reliable sources -- ready to spread gossip that seems to support their agenda.  I fell for this one too, and passed it on....but without comment.  We all need to exercise some restraint, especially when something seems obvious.

Well said!!

She needs help some professional should offer her some free help before she hurts someone or herself

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Excuse me, Instinct Magazine!

But you yourself pointed to how you like every other gay media source, not just jumped, but POUNCED on this story like a wild animal. Don't try to do damaged control now by making her lying look bad because you are such failures as journalists that you failed to investigate before running with the story. For yes, Dayna Morales is a compulsive liar. But you and all the other members of your media consolidation brethren are lousy at journalism, which is just as bad.

And as much as I don't want to sound like a broken record, it's a White or light-complexioned person whose claim of being wronged you are AGAIN quick to jump on. For you and/or your brethren did the same thing with that White boy claiming to be gay-bashed. But in actuality, his idiot behind flipped and smashed his moronic face on a curb.

Checking such tales thoroughly before going to print is the part of Journalism 101 called, Journalistic Integrity. And you all failed miserably -  for quite awhile now.

Ohhh child! You got some work to do on your underlying racial and anger issues...very telling ... NOT a cute look! Just sayin...

Someone's got issues, making this into a race thing. YAWN.

Why are you just bashing instinct? Many news sources jumped at this story and ran with it. So you should take a step back and chill out! Also if you dislike instinct so much, why are you continuing to read it??

No surprises here: I didn't believe the incident occurred when I saw it on the news but her compulsive lying is just baffling. 

perhaps the media needs to take a look at their sources before the run around screaming discrimination and hatred

Kind if pathetic that she would go to those lengths to get attention.  I'd say that's just the tip if the iceberg when it comes to her issues. Sad.

sad that she would make innocent people look like bigots and the gay community look we can't be trusted.

way to go Dayna. Good job.  Get so e help.

I so totally agree with you... she needs some serious help. 


Who cares? People lie even Lesbians. She is obviously a compulsive liar. Its a sickness and anyone can be a liar i don't know why people are so irate about it. I am not at all surprised in this media hungry country obsessed with fame. Whatever.There are so many more things to be concerned about like AIDS and Cancer and the devolving of our country. Any excuse to have a distraction.

How do we know she is even a lesbian?

I can't take it!!!! WTF?! My Niece is DYING of CANCER and to use a disease as a way to get attention makes me ill! Serious! Also using her sexuality to get attention?!!! REALLY??!!!!! MORALES! YOU ARE ONE HELL OF AN IDIOT! YOU ARE A DISGRACE! AND YOU NEED MENTAL HELP BAD! I HATE LIARS!!!!!!!!

Linda I think your last name is what it sounds like your interested in. Only self hating people say things like that mre coochie

It's a shame she would exploit her sexuality and have people respond outraged (as I did) in her defense. I am a father and respectable hard working man that also happens to also be gay. I've never used my sexuality as a crutch and find her behavior inexcusable. She in no way represents the majority of gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals that just want the same liberties awarded to heterosexuals. 

She sounds like a classic Borderline Personality Disorder.

As a psychologist this seriously concerns me, but not so much so as to the coverage of other issues.  While I agree that she should have been exposed regarding the hoax bill, I do not agree with the reporting of her reported "lies".  I believe that she does need help, but reporting and exposing someone over the internet is in NO way how to go about it.  If she is telling multiple "stories", or what we call 'flight of ideas', she should consider getting some help.  We all should really consider the broader picture here, and keep ourselves in-check before delivering our own "opinions" to the matter.  Just an idea.  We are a community of helpers, no?

What a shame that she has to lie. She needs Dr. Phil.

Once the couple came forward with their proof,  it made me wonder why her employer never looked at their credit card batch records for that night before this went so viral. Looks like ol' Dayna will be collecting unemployment for a while.

As someone who does this kinda thing for a living, I've been posting the same question....

Not likely, You don't get unemployment if dismissed for cause, ESPECIALLY integrity issues!

For all of us who have actual cancer proven this is a disgrace to everyone with cancer and or who serve or serve the military branches. its sickening these ppl exist. i went to a walmart during friday thursday andhad my wallet stolen by a thief like her who will lie cheat or steal thicreep li

she has embarrassed the community with her bullshit!
i wish to apologize to the family she publicly humiliated with her lies! stupid ***t

Liar and Lesbian both begin with L.... just sayin

I'm a Lesbian and I'm  not a liar so there for u need to get your stuff straight not all Lesbians are liars just b/c Lesbian and Liar both begin with L thank you have a nice day

Ironically, so does your name.

Check and Mate.

Touché, Suzi, touché!

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