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Priests Take If Off For MORE 2014 Orthodox Calendar Shots!

If you'll remember, images and video from the 2014 Orthodox Calendar shoot gave us the vapors at the end of October and now these newly released images are giving us something else to be thankful for as we head into Thanksgiving!

Very thankful.  Forgive us Father for we have SINNED!

As a reminder, this year's calendar is in support of marriage equality--so feel free to purchase if you're feeling charitable...towards ourselves.


Nope. Not enough holy water in the world to cleanse these "unpure" thoughts!

And just as a refresher--here's video from the calendar shoot!

Which of these Priests would you like to have hear your confession, Instincters?


(H/T: Homorazzi)



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it's a bad calendar, not the least cause it is made by heterosexuals wanting to earn money from gays. beside that, some of the pics are so unprofessional, like the guy looking through the window... I would not want it if I get it for free! gays always want to make fun of others, like religion, but if others make fun of gays they call it discrimination.... not proud of that!

The second picture, is it wrong that i want to be the cookie????

There is nothing in the pictures or video to suggest that the men who are (or are dressed as) priests are necessarily doing anything improper.  The priests are always fully clothed, and the unclothed are clearly not priests.  There may be suggestive poses, and certainly there is gay love and relationship implied by several pictures, but actual sex with a priest - that's all in the mind of the viewer!

I wonder what would happen if someone tried to sell a calendar with women dressed as nuns... would beat this one, I bet.  Church and sex, good looking models, etc...let's keep ignoring the real world.  

Well,, as a Catholic Priest, I find this highly offensive-

My mom has no issue with gay or lesbians, yet, just because she is ok, I don't think I would want to see her posing in a suggestive pose.  To offend a body of people, in this manner, is pretty much the same thing.  Please understand, whether you believe in God or not, there should be some decorum offered to those who do have "special" places for their belief systems.

I may not believe in the gods of other people, but I certainly would not want to see members of that culture posing much like photos we see in this culture of sex symbols. 

On that note....the Orthodox church investigated this matter and found these were not really priest, but still they found it highly offensive.   I must admit, so do I.

Father Christian

Franciscan Friar

Is this a joke? Really? It is disgusting and mocking God! What the heck is wrong with this photographer and the men that posed for this? I don't care what your sexual preference is but leave God and the church out of it!

Oh my God, I am hardly sorry for having offended Thee,

And I detest all my sins,

Because I dread the loss of Heaven,

And the pain of Hell,

But most of all because I love Thee,

And I want so badly to be good.

Don't forget I want To fuck with you so hard

​Forgive me

You, are a piece of garbage. Throw yourself out.

This is great Job!!!

Congrat and I look forward for buy this calendar.

add me to facebook I WANT TO FUCK WITH YOU SO HARD..


Edwardo....I am curious? When was it you decided you did not believe in God?

i believe they are not real priest .... 

i believe they are not real priest....

LOOOL YOU JEW! as if these can't be photoshoped and mainly CREATED BY JEWS! rofl

thank you god

Poor, poor idiots!

The main reason for this calendar is to make money. A subtext might be; Is ok to be a priest and have gay sex? First, it depends on the denomination. While I think you can, I think that if you make a vow or promise, you should keep it unless you are dispensed. Most RC priests make a promise of celibacy to their bishop or chastity to their superior so they should do the best they can to keep it.  If they can't, they should ask for a dispensation.  I don't think the commitment should be made in the first place. As an Independent Catholic Bishop, I believe our sexuality is a gift from God, especially gay sexuality.  We are called to love ourselves, each other, and God.  Unless it violates or harms somebody, consensual sex is just a reflection of love, even if just for a short period of time.  Some sexual things to avoid include infidelity, non-consensual sex, knowingly passing on disease, and other things.  Are these things sinful? I don't know. I tend to follow the old Baltimore Catechism criteria.  Sex is not serious matter unless it brings harm to the other. Notice I don't include anything about gender attraction.  The same Scripture says we are to love ourselves and that principle also has a sexual component which is encouraged.  Who's to determine what is sin and judge the person?  Not the church and certainly not I.  That is left to God alone.  +Bishop Bob

Forgive me father for I want to sin!!

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Ummm...wrong forum.

thats why the Lord God is giving all this calamities, and forces of nature because people have no respect!  Please respect the catholic faith.....or else more catastrophy will come our way....

Ummm...The Roman Catholic Church has done some pretty despicable shit over the years, which is why I don't respect it. Oh, and you need to learn how to spell "catastrophe".

It's time you realised that GOD is a story made up by early man to give us comfort. If you still believe that's great but keep your beliefs to yourself and then everyone will be happy.

With peace and respect always.

who gives a hoot?! You really think that ALL minister's aren't utilizing their offices for their wives? You really think that "God" isn't there when gay people have sex? Grow up or move to Topeka with people who actually value your opinion.


"Unpure" is not a word, as any auto-correct will tell you.  "Impure" is correct.  No excuse.

I don't know, religion diving into erotica & sexuality to raise funds? Maybe they should just clean up the mess made before swinging so whole heartedly into the popular .... Camp.

Controversial? Yes. Sellable? Yes. Sexy? Yes. Does it help to make homosexuality less stereotypical? I am not sure. I personally think that being Gay goes beyond sexy bodies and beautiful men. My question is why to keep the effort in pointing out our differences with straight men? Yes we all now that, "We" like men and "They" like women, haven't  we being attack enough for our difference with them?. I really think is about time we remark our similarities with the straight world, and that is that we all are men, that we all have families and love ones, and ultimately  that we all need love and companionship. I really think that is about time that we regain no just our sexual freedom but also our romantic dreams those that society has denied us for so long. I can't wait to see the first Disney movie when Prince Charming finds his Gay counterpart... hahahah  There is still a long way ahead of us to achieve equality and focusing on our differences is not helping much at this point. Just my personal opinion. Hot pictures though. 


I agree. It would be nice if we emphasize our similarities.  First, gay and straight men are beloved children of God.  We wish for the same things that straight men wish for; a beloved companion, a better life, world peace and stability, friends, and the desire to understand and yield to God's will.  We also wish to be allowed to have our differences respected.

There seems to be some confusion in both of your replies: the goal is not to make homosexuals less appear less stereotypical, nor is it to show that we all want the same things -- that is the road to oppression. The goal is to respect all individuals even when they don't conform to your ideals -- this means that some of us want to act really, really gay and stereotypical, some of us want to get married, some of us want to stay single, some of us want love and some of us don't.

People are unique -- and not just gay men, but everyone. Everyone has different hopes and dreams and deserves the freedom to pursue them, even if you it's different than what you would want. We do not need to emphasize our similarities -- we need to focus LESS on the similarities and MORE on celebrating our differences.

These are models not real priests, that should be mentioned in this article, show a little class Instinct.

A little class? What does that even mean? A bit of an attitude much, I think so.

It means stop sensationalizing something.  These are models not priests stop saying there are priests just to get hits on a article.

So you don't think it's just meant to be a type joke? To have fun with. One of the reasons the calendar was made. Not to be dead serious, like your taking it....

I will add that I posed nude as a priest for a photographer friend of mine who was doing a photo series on different things, it was a few years ago so I don't remember them all, one was a doctor, lawyer, priest, etc. 

I have absolutely no problem with the calendar, that does actually say that these are models and not members of any clergy.  My only issue is with websites who want to sensationalize things by passing them off as priest, probably just to get hits on their website.

To think they say the Catholic Church is out of touch with "youth," and what's going on in the world. Why, I heard many of these priests wanted their alter boys to pose with them, but Rome was less than enthusiastic. 


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