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Every Day This Woman Knits From Her Vagina (NSFW)

Given that this is a blog that covers a broad scope of topics, we must admit, this surprised us. We never thought we'd put these words together in a single headline. Ever. Yet, here we are. 

And just know before you watch the video below, you can't unsee this. 

Watch for yourself:




I wonder if she's giving these scarves out for Christmas presents this year? Oy...

And fellas, don't get any ideas. Let's leave this hobby alone. 



Wow this didn't actually gross me out in the slightest. I think I'm an adult now.  Though I do hope she saw a physician ahead of time to make sure it's safe to keep the yarn inside her like that for that length of time.

FUCKING GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the more unusual performance art pieces but pretty mild really compared to what some people insert into various cavities for much worse reasons. As for the menstrual thing, if that is what you focused on then you probably need to get out more...

i do not.. want anything knit.. for Christmas.. thank you all

And she is doing this because ................ Next act will be out of her arse 

eww. really. you need to take see a psychiatrist and start taking brain medication. 

This has to be the stupidest thing i have ever seen!  never mind doing it when she has her period which is disgusting enough but what about when she has to pee?  Does she piss allover the wool that is hanging out of her puss?  Get a life lady!

Built in yarn holder? At least she doesn't have to worry about dropping the skein from her lap and it unrolling everywhere!

Amazing simply stunning BRAVO

People will do anything to get views on youtube. Ahahha "art" for idiots.

Typical stupid Americans, repulsed by any idea, craft or art that involves the sexual parts of the human body. Grow up, join the rest of the world and get over it. 

It's not the fact that she is knitting out of her privates but that she's doing it while on the rag. I don't like the thought of touching or seeing something with someone's bodily fluids all over it. I'm looking at this from a sanitation standpoint.

I'm not touching that!

I think it's an interesting idea, and I like her message behind it. Menstruation doesn't exactly get me hot and bothered either, but I agree with what she said about her cycle being cut out would ruin it. 

OMG *puke*

that was repulsive. yuck! i was ok til i saw the 'stuff' in the finished product. (shudder)

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