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Britney's Interview Oops: Loves The Gays, 'They're Somewhat Girls'

Oops, she did it again??

Oh, Brit Brit. We're sure you're going to get flack for some of these comments. 

Britney Spears spoke with Pride Source's Chris Azzopardi in promotion of her eighth album, Britney Jean and in effort to share her love for her gay fans, we fear she may have ended up offending them. 

Spears already received some negative press attention when she previously referred to her gay fans as "adorable" and it appears she's sticking with the buzzword. 

Pride Source writes:

"They're adorable," says Spears, 32. "They're absolutely adorable."

It seems like an appropriate time to tell her how that "adorable and hilarious" comment went viral and rubbed some the wrong way.

"Wait, what? Who felt the other way?" she asks, sincerely concerned she's offended people, and even a little lost. You get the impression Britney Spears doesn't Google herself.

So, I fill her in.

"I would never say anything to be mean to them. I love my gay fans. Gay people are always usually my best friends in the whole world," she says. "I completely adore them."

We'll take that. All good. Sounds genuine.

But then...

"I get inspiration from them on almost all of my songs," Spears says of her gay fans. "They're somewhat girls, so it's so inspiring to do stuff that they like to hear, like the cool 'in' stuff. Whatever I do for each record is definitely inspired by them."

"They're somewhat girls." Yeah, that's going to leave a mark.

Brit Brit does however co-sign with the gays on our push for marriage equality. Azzopardi asks:

What about equal marriage? Would Britney like to see her gay friends - she tells me later, via email, that she has an "amazing" relationship with them, many of which are her dancers - get married?

"Yeah," she says. Then silence. (I give her the opportunity to elaborate over email after our phone chat: "Yeah, it would be a special moment.")

"So you believe gay people deserve equal rights?"

"Yeah," she assures. (Via email: "I think everyone should be treated equally.")

Head over to Pride Source for the full interview with Britney. How did you take her comments?


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Holy crap are we a bunch of sensitive bitches or what?
She didn't mean anything, but who cares... Lets try to make something out of it anyway.

I'm offended. I'm also offended if you're offended, and if that offends you i take offense to that too.

Oh leave her alone...there are so many real jerks out there who are trying to offend, it seems thin skinned and overly sensitive to me that people are bugging her about something she meant in a good about the people who are actually being hateful...attacking people who are trying to be on our sides, because they do not completely understand our ways, or culture is futile...and a waste of time...yeah lets a offend a friend and everyone will afraid to even mention us....get off it! Love you back Britney, I get what you were trying to say.....

funny, half the time, i hear other guys calling each other 'bitch' (including me) and 'gurrl', gets offended by her referring to 'somewhat girl'.
well, its not like she called gays 'michelle bachmann' or 'sarah palin' or 'putin' ... woo! now that's disgusting.

cmon shes an ally.  I think we should leave her alone.  She is NOT homophobic and she loves her gay fans.  What is wrong with being called adorable?  and I think her comment of being like girls is not an insult either.  We are not talking about rush limbaugh or that other dumb ass  on faux news Bill O'Rilley.  Consider the source and how many of us have women friends who talk to us the same way?

No need to bash Brittlney,  she is just fine in my book.

Well, duh, she speaks the truth.

Why are we talking about this when we could be listening to Emeli Sande?

I think she just ment to say that gay men are "somewhat girls" on the inside not on the outside. The way our hearts, and a girls heart works. Peace.

She doesn't mean any harm. Can't understand why people are getting so offended by her comments. She truly supports the gays!!!!

Brit Brit Brit.....Just go back to the trailer park pumpkin...your white trash homophobic ignorance is showing....Actually I don't know if its homophobia or in her case it might really be blatant stupidity 

Leave Britney alone! 

If Elizabeth Taylor or Liza Minnelli called gay men adorable there would be no issue. This debate is stupid! 

That's the point they never would have and never did they were intelligent enough to know better than to refer to grown gay men as "adorable" that is demeaning and ignorant unless she is referring to gay children and i don't think that is the case here,

Why is being called a girl a bad thing? We need to remove the negativity from that word, just as we need to remove the negativity from the word gay, as in "that's so gay". She may not be terribly bright, but I doubt she was being insulting.

I am not a fan and don't care to be referred to as a girl

Girl please..

Well I do. I'm a gay man. I like sex with men. Nothing about me is a girl. I assure you girls can't do what I do for a gay man....because they are girls

You mis-read the comment. The poster thinks like you do. They said they don't care for being called a girl (meaning they don't like it) but you read as they don't care being called s girl (like it didn't to them).

You are correct. I misread the statement....

how many times have you heard gay guys call each other girl. I do understand there may be some underlying inadvertent objectifying going on, but seriously: I'm your average boy next door, and quite a few times in conversation have people called me "girl" and immediately apologize. I diffuse the awkward silence, by saying, "Oh girl, that's okay."

C'mon, Y'all.  I'm a 200lb Bear, and I am adorable.  And when I'm singing along to Toxic, I'm a bit girly.  Own it.  We are fans of hers and accept her for her.  She is a fan of ours, and accepts us.  Smile.

She is a fan of ours, and accepts us. 

She uses her adorable gullible fans to up concert and record sales.....but hey stay Toxic deluded.

DUMB AND BLOND !! She could never sing, and now she can't even dance anymore. She was just in the right place at the right time ... to loose whatever what left of her at the time "they" decided to make her a star. If this sounds like an adorable girl ... then I must be an adorable bitch, right?!

Right. Bitter Bitch

I'd rather be bitter than deluded and are blinded by the disco lights. I find her shallow and irrelevant and the fact that she has an LGBT base I find disturbing...doesn't reflect well in the LGBT community who are fighting body and soul for equality and acceptance

lol i agree with prttymnknowsitall

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