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Madonna Joins HRC's 'Love Conquers Hate' In Support Of Russia's LGBT Community

Madonna reached out to Human Rights Campaign members over email in a show of support for Russia's LGBT community as she joined the HRC's 'Love Conquers Hate' t-shirt campaign.

She writes to HRC members:

Dear fellow equality supporter,

"Love conquers hate." It's an iconic message that the Human Rights Campaign's members and supporters have spread to millions around the United States.

But right now in Russia, LGBT people and our allies who support basic fairness and dignity face a different reality. They are being targeted by hateful new laws that outlaw support for LGBT equality. Even with the 2014 Sochi Olympics just a few months away, fair-minded Russians are facing fines, harassment, and violence at the hands of thugs.

At this dangerous moment in Russian history, we as advocates have a responsibility to speak up and take our hopeful message global. That's why I'm joining HRC's Love Conquers Hate campaign, in hopes that more and more fair-minded people around the world will stand up and fight against the Russian government's campaign of hate.

Right now, you can send that message directly to the Russian people and provide much-needed support to LGBT advocates in Russia by purchasing the Russian-language Love Conquers Hate t-shirt. And once you have your t-shirt, share a picture of yourself wearing it on social media using #LoveConquersHate. With your help, we can make this simple message go global.

Make no mistake about it: the goal of these hateful laws is to leave LGBT Russians feeling isolated. Worthless. Completely alone.

Together, we can send a message to LGBT Russians that the world is on their side, and that those who seek to support them aren't alone in this fundamental fight for fairness.

It's time for love to conquer hate everywhere, for everyone. I hope you'll stand with me in this fight.


Madonna Ciccone

​Don't you kinda love it when she uses her full name??

More importantly, thanks to Madonna for continuing to use her voice to support the LGBT community! 


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I don't like Madonna anymore because she is a bitch to Lady GaGa. Madonna let Lady GaGa take over her forte and then condemned her! Madonna has had the same matronly look for 20 years now and this is somebody was famous for for changing her look. Quit bitching because you are lazy at being a star and give Lady GaGa a challenge or support her you sore loser! Lady GaGa's voice is far far superior anyway!

Madonna has always stood up for gay rights, and she didn't stop just because she became the biggest star in the universe. In fact she started using that platform to fight for equality between people with different sexes, different sexual preference and different origin. THERE IS ONLY ONE QUEEN - AND THAT'S MADONNA !!

madonna has done a little here and there to support the gay commmunity, but until recently, she just over charged them for her concert tours. the only reason she is getting involved again is becaue lady gaga came out so much in support ot gays and now she feels like to stay in their good graces, she now needs to do more herself. nothing this lady does is from the heart. she is a cold and calculated women.

Gaga just followed Madonna darling ... as she always does!

@ Kevin- I know you personally from my home town of Birmingham, AL. I hope that you of all people would not be talking about looking old. Let this forum be about what it was intended. Human Rights for all people. Thank you Instinct, thank you Madonna, and thank you HRC. #loveconquershate Joe

Damned her face looks so old now!

Typical response from a clueless Little Monster.

Gee I wasn't aware that once you get to a certain age you have nothing of value to say. Smart up and check your facts on what Madonna has done for the LGBT community. Your comment shows ignorance and superficiality. 

Who cares dum ass!!

Really Kevin? You chose to attack someone's physical characteristics on an article about acceptance and love for all. Grow up. 

Really Kevin? You chose to attack someone's physical characteristics on an article about acceptance and love for all. Grow up. 

@KevDobbinsBham - THAT'S what you have to say? You should be sent to live in Russia in exchange for someone with humanity, compassion and priority from there to live here.

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