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Joe Jonas Talks Sex, Drugs & Life As a Jonas Brother

Following the Jonas Brothers mysterious break up, middle bro Joe, is opening up to New York Magazine's Vulture on his experience with the band. 

Naturally he touched on those promise rings...

He tells New York Mag

The topic that dominated news coverage of us for a long time was the whole promise-ring thing. We couldn’t escape it. It started when I was really young—I must have been 10 or 11. There’s a program people do in some churches called True Love Waits, where you wait for marriage to have sex. Kevin and I decided to join—Nick tried it later. Fast-forward a few years, we’ve started playing music and we’re working with Disney and we have these rings.

I remember this interview with this guy whose entire agenda was to focus on the rings. He kept pushing the subject, and when we insisted that we didn’t want to talk about it, he told us, “I can write whatever I want,” which terrified us. That’s the thing: We didn’t know any better, and we just wanted to make people happy. Now I know that I don’t have to answer any questions I don’t want to. Like, why do you even care about my 15-year-old brother’s sex life?

But back then, we explained that we had made these promises to ourselves when we were younger. A few months later, it comes out that we’re in some cult and that we’re these little staged Mickey Mouse kids. People were coming up to us, saying, “Thank you so much, I’m waiting because you guys are, too!” And we just thought, No! That’s not what we’re about.

Because of our age, because of Disney, because of those rings, there were so many things throughout our career that we had to sugarcoat. If a lyric was slightly sexual, someone at the record company would tell us we had to change it. It could be the most innocent reference, like “I’m alone in a room with you,” and it would have to go. It felt like we couldn’t be creative, so we stopped listening to them and just started handing shit in.

We decided to take the rings off a few years ago. I lost my virginity when I was 20. I did other stuff before then, but I was sexually active at 20. I’m glad I waited for the right person, because you look back and you go, “That girl was batshit crazy. I’m glad I didn’t go there.”

Hmm...any guesses on who the girl was? Joe did date X Factor and Glee star Demi Lovato leading up to her "dark" period...

It also appears that Disney starlets led to Joe's first experimentation with ::gasp:: weed:

The first time I smoked weed was with Demi and Miley. I must have been 17 or 18. They kept saying, “Try it! Try it!” so I gave it a shot, and it was all right. I don’t even smoke weed that often anymore. I was caught drinking when I was 16 or 17, and I thought the world was going to collapse. But I was in another country, and it was legal there. My 21st birthday, I fell down a flight of stairs. I was unconscious that time, and my whole team was scared to death that somebody was going to get a picture. Now I appreciate wine or a vodka-soda at the end of the day every once in a while.

Ah youth. Head over to Vulture for more "shocking" revelations from Mr. Jonas! 


What a lame piece of crap. Made by the Disney. Clean-cut-god-loving bunch of sex deprived homosexuals. 

There are obviously a ton of closeted Celebrities there is no way there are that many famous straight guys, be yourself boys, soon it will be so easy to say your gay and they won't have to fake being straight and they can sing / act / etc. about gay love and gay relationships without any fear as it should be!

You notice how he said "The right person"? referring to his sexual partner. I wish he would come out of the closet already. He is gay just like Tom Daley and so many other "straight" celebrities. Be yourself you'll gain so much more respect. Hope he feels comfortable coming out soon. <3 to you Joe Jonas. :)


I too hope he comes out soon, it's tough living a lie.

Growing up in a religious family is very hard on a gay person, I totally agree with you about his sexuality though I have "known" he was gay shortly after they became famous. I wish he would come out soon too , would be another great role model for young gay guys. love him.

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