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Shirtless Bros Pull Out Their Best "Bollywood" Dance Moves

Bollywood sarees and headdresses are beautiful and all, but these two shirtless bros pull of fearless Punjabi dance moves in nothing but Quicksilver sales bin board shorts and are just as entertaining. 




such cuties and what fun to watch!  People need to have more fun like this!!

This song is sooooo old, do Americans not have Internet ? It's like singing the ketchup song or macarena

So your saying that you don't play old song just for the fun of it.  Thank you little miss perfect.  I bet you wouldn't be caught dead listening to Madonna.

Dancing can make us all feel better. Great video guys!!

Sad but true. As previously stated. This works bc their hot. 

If they weren't shirtless and people would laugh and make fun of them. But who care bros if u had fun that's all that matters. We need more fun in our lives 

They are HOT!!

I actually used to dance to this song in college as well.  It's called "Tunak Tunak Tun," and it's a song created by a Sikh out of India that used to play in Israeli bars.  I was introduced by a friend.  It's a lot of fun to dance to, and yes, there are specific dance moves that actually go with it (that the guys ignored).

1:15 to 1:26

main reason to watch this video. 

Super fun; however, is this video politically correct? is racist? it would be racist if they only were wearing black make up ?

Cute. The guy in the green shorts could stand to eat a couple of cheeseburgers, though.

Typical American response. That is why your country has an obesity problem.

so stupid. 30 seconds is enough and really too much.

This seriously only worked BECAUSE they were hot!!  LOL

Amazing.  Everyone should know how to have fun like this.  Put the music on and dance!

This is the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time.  I couldn't even focus on the fact that they were hot because of how stupid they were acting.  Instinct: WHY?

How cool to see two People actually JUST HAVING A GOOD TIME....THANKS

I laughed my ass off! Guys are fantastic! And the one in green bermudas, oy vey...HOT! :D 

I am laughing my ass off!! I think they are so funny I would totally join them and twerk it out with them. LOL

Awesome! I want to know these guys! lol

I love it! This is joy in motion....they are so in the moment and it was a privilege to see it.

.......white people

lol cocaine

I shared this with friends about a week ago, it cracked me up and inspired me to let loose and take life as it comes!

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