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Homophobes Launch Disgusting Attacks Against Tom Daley

Without skipping a beat, anti-gay zealots started attacking Tom Daley on Twitter immediately after the British Olympic diver came out as dating a guy. If you look closely, you'll notice some infamous bigots jumping on the anti-gay slurs brigade:

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It's absolutely amazing how so many of these homophobic people were right up there supporting him and wishing they could be just like him and when his true self is revealed, they feel like it was a crime against them. He doesn't owe anyone any explanation, nor should he feel obligated to even pursue what he is doing. But he does, for the love of the sport, his team, and his country, even with all the haters. He will continue to thrive in this sport and possibly become one of the greatest ever. All you homophobic trolls will never be more than that, and that's the real issue, jealousy rears it's ugly head again. 

Tom Daley is a brilliant diver and has one medals for England in the Olympics and other events. who cares whether hes gay or not, he probably gets more girls than the dicks who have sat on their twitter and bullied tom. you are all twats and should grow up.

poor choice to publish this kind of disgusting behaviour. there is no need to showcase this hatred.

Personally I Find Skinny ass women disgusting... Should I post degrading posts against these celebrities who date these glorified lolipop women???  I'm a gay man... and don't care WHO he sleeps with, just glad the world is beginning to realize we ALL need to get out of each other's heads and beds cause if truth were told... EVERYBODY has SOMETHING to hide.... just some of our skeletons are more "visible" than others... shame on the negative bigots...

Hey, now. I completely agree that as a culture we could and should be a lot less negative, judgemental and prejudiced, and if we can't do that, we should, as the people quoted here on twitter should, at least have the decency to abstain from hateful public tirades. Gay, straight, or bi, no-one deserves to be denigrated for who they choose to be with, and anyone in the public eye who has the courage to come out gets my respect. But seriously - "I find skinny ass women disgusting"? You're entitled not to find thin women attractive, but calling them disgusting and glorified lollipops is nasty and unecessary, even to make a point. You could have found a way to make your point without putting others down.

I am sorry for all the negative comments and hopeful that all this positive feedback helps to reassure anyone that is going through a similar situation that not all people are hateful. Please know that there are always people that will support you. Tom Daley, thank you for opening up about something so personal and best wishes in you and all you do.


   Is it True (fag meant for smoking)

H    Is it helpful  ( What ya'll haters are saying?)

I      Is it inspiring  ( Breakin manity Down instead of Love humans) 

N   Is it necessary  ( NO Ones making such a big deal out of "Heterosexual Swimmers?

K   Is it Kind ( Ya'll need Shaloms in your heart)  God does not hate He is A God of Love and he loves 

Well put. I really like the way you said it. :)

If Tom is a fag, he is one hell of a cute one!!!  Hell, I'll be a fag with him!!

You Brits really have to get a grip. Who cares if he is gay or not. He's just a great athlete. AND damn handsome too! AND there is a difference between being gay and a fag. A fag is smoking hot!!

There are ten sexual orientations in the world people! Why do you give a damn what someone has as a sexual preference? He is fucking gorgeous. How much of this hate stems from closeted homosexuals? How much of it stems from people bitter about his sheer sexiness? How much of it stems from ignorance. Strip all of that away and there are very few people who actually have a profound reason to dislike his sexual orientation and those people can pray about it and shut the fuck up. Can I get  an AMEN!

A to the MEN!

Why is someone's sexuality a big deal? Homophobes are homosexual themselves

We are supposed to be living in a world of acceptance!!!  Why do people hate someone else simply because he/she is different from themselves?  One of the reasons our world is so beautiful is because we are all different from one another: color, sex, race, ethnicity, etc.  One other thing: EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP USING THE WORD FAG!  It's a major slap in the face to millions of people!  Demonstrate some humanity and education and wake up to 2013!  GAY PEOPLE ARE JUST AS MUCH A PART OF THE WORLD AS EVERYONE ELSE!!!  WE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!! 

I agree with you champ! Another thing about the word 'fag' is that it used to bother me when i read it or heard it. But now, instead of giving someone else the power to make me feel terrible with that word i simply have a positive impression of the word and i dont think of it as an insult... Lets us 'fags' get together and turn this around... Make the word 'fag' a good thing instead of it being construed as an insult. What say?

@alltomyself......yes you will be always all to yourself, nobody in their right mind would want to be with such turgid bigoted moron.........sorry, which Olympic medal did you win?...oh I'm sooooo sorry,you didn't qualify,what was had a skull X Ray and there was just a clear space.....noooooo, never. F**kwitt

Why are you giving these bigoted cousin f**king morons any attention? Who cares what they tweet. They aren't giving anything to society other than herpes and slack jawed offspring.

It always amazes me how people take to their keyboard to post nasty things about other people with no consequence. I feel like people hide behind the computer and say things that they would never say directly to someone ... it is sad that this is the generation that feel entitled, but yet has no remorse about hurting other people or never having things reflect back on them.

I think Tom is courageous and I have always respected his talents.

Absolutely agree with you Paul.

I agree 

the people that tweeted those are most probably closeted gays that doesn't have much big of a ball like Tom Daley do to admit that they're gay hence they unleash their jealousy by writing such. I pray that god will grow some hair on their balls to have the courage to come out and stop hiding it by being homophobes. #stopshavingyourhairynutshomophobes 


Glad someone mentioned that English call cigarettes fags.  They don't even use that word in the states as much any more with the media having a gay character in almost every show you watch now a day.  And the stereo type is dying too.  These ignorant assholes must not tune into their own radio station (Gaydio Radio, Internet radio station) who broadcast Mr. Daley's sexual preference during the Olympics.  This is not new news, so sad.  They must be out of touch and so behind the times.  It figures, but again, he he who does protest too much are secretly gay themselves.  It takes a man who is sure of his own sexuality to be able to give an athlete the credit he deserves.  What can you idiots do besides run off with your ignorant mouths?  And most swimmers are not divers and visa versa.  They seem to lump the two sports together.  Ignorance is bliss.

All you homophobic assholes can shut the fuck up...quit saying fag...and mind your own buisness and just know your all gonna die someday, and be replaced by people who have hearts and class and will get it....You don;t because your ignorant assholes....die.

I would like to say I hate these idiots.. But Hate just brings about more hate.. Why are so many people so closed minded. What difference does it make who someone loves. What the heck is everybody afraid of? I'm happy for Tom Daley., I hope his friends and family continue to support him., and I hope he finds peace within himself an those around him. Tom, don't listen to these closed minded people.

The guy is hot, young and has his whole life ahead of him.. Good Luck to him

For the love of God, and in the name of all that is Holy.......Tom Daley is bisexual, get over it already......he's no more brave than any gay man or woman who has taken this massive leap of faith and "Come out of the closet."  So what he's 19, I came out when I was 12 in 1981 when being gay wasn't a fashion accessory and you may as well have signed your own death warrant in the education system.  Puhlease...........people these days

The authors of these disgusting tweets don't even realize that we have denigrating words for them too. For example: I see the N word could be used for some folks. They of course feel it's OK to call Tom a fag and don't even realize there are labels for them as well. It's all ignorance and fear that makes them react so negatively. Tom, always take the high road and don't listen to these ignorant imbeciles. 

And it's not even the Red part of the United States, it's Britain where this is happening.  Goodness!   And homophobia is a phobia, as should be suggested first of all by its bloody name, because it describes anti-gay behavior for which there is no good reason on this green earth.  Just like the word racism describes anti-black behavior for which there is no good reason on this green earth.  With the exception of a few knuckle draggers in the aforementioned Red part of the United States, America has learned the latter of the lessons.  It is astonishing that in 2013 there are still people who haven't learned it with respect to the former one.  Peace!

As an American who lives in Massachusetts (the first state to allow same sex marriage)and who  himself is married to a man, I want  ed to Thank  you for being such a wicked awesome role model to so many young people. Love is love no matter who you choose. In the end love will concur all. Kick ass in 2016 to prove all those haters wrong. I'll be rooting for you from across the big blue ocean.  

People are so ignorant....way to go Tom! We love you.....

Twitter. noun

"idle or ignorant talk."

It speaks for itself really. 

hi tom: never heard so stupid comment... as if they could have 1% of ur talent guy... anyway let s all them speak.. 

Keep your CHIN UP, and be PROUD of who you are.... all the haters and breeders are just 'JEALOUS!"   BEST of LUCK goin forward, with your career, and with your personal life!!  EVERYone deserves to be HAPPY:)  THANKS for coming OUT, and being such an awesome "role model" for your fans, and LGBT audience. Wishing a GREAT holiday season!!!

for all the assholes that used the word fag your the only fags.  If you people don't like it that he is gay than move out of your country i am sure nobody would miss assholes like you. Tom has the right to live his life anyway he want and who are use to come along and judge him just because he's gay. I think the guys have a big crush for him and that's why there calling him a fag becauae he is a hot and sexy guy. Kiss my gay ass

I'm amazed and how many Brits are calling tom a fag (cigarette). wouldn't queer be more appropriate or do they secretly want to take a puff? I'm proud of Tom for being open!

All I know is Im Proud of him for representing his country and doing his best to be no.1.... HOT,INTELLIGENT,GREAT BODY and HONEST! so STFU and do something to your country!

Totally unbelievable what the hell difference does he sexual orientation have to do with anything at all he is one hell of a professional diver, he has come out and said he found love, who cares if it was with a women or a man, question is are you happy, and he is, as for the comments above, people it's almost 2014 first grow up and second, shameful can't believe that such people can have such hate, and we ask ourselves what is wrong with this world.  Tom you represent England with all you've got and know that people are extremely proud of who you are.

I have ALWAYS admired you; first for your Fabulous Diving skills!!  and now, Secondly, for coming out!!  Don't let these ASSHOLES get you down! you should be proud of your Achievements and Accomplishments!  I'm proud of you and I'm sure your family is too and I know you have many fans straight and gay that love you for All that you are and NOT because you're Gay or Straight.  YOu are a loving Talented Human Being!

Love you more Tom Daley. I always thought you were a sweet chap. Now you are even more better than before, as a person.

Tom, you are a stand up man and a fantastic diver.  You have more talent, love and compassion in your little finger, than all those haters put together have in their whole universe!

I am proud of you, your boyfriend is a very lucky man!

These people making these negative comments are probably gay themselves and are fighting it. Tom- move forward and make your country proud. You are an amazing athlete.

Hmmmmm..."world champ", "youngest ever....", "Olympic Bronze", "TV personality"....I'm thinking "fag" means DAMN FINE JOB, SON!


You are very brave, an inspiration and a role model for so many people all around the very proud of yourself Tom!

We love you Tom Daley! Keep making the world proud!

All the Best Tom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Tom!  I support you. 

Morons are boring. Twitter is boring. Tom Daley fucking a dude is exciting. Go Tom Daley. Twitter, go fuck yourself.

Heteros live some sad ass lives.

Not all heteros...just the ones who have something to hide in their deep dark closet.

We are the family

We are the one

We are across countries, ages and gengers.

We are the people, we are the human.

Nothing can change our love to each other.

Everyone welcome to the rainbow flag. 

We always watch out for one to another.

Doesn't matter where we are, who we are and how we are.

We are in the family.

We are in the blood.



I'd like to see any of the bigoted twats who are bitching about having him represent them have their dives judged by Olympic judges. 

It's pretty pathetic all these narrow-minded people insulting this poor guy. You people might as well live in a hole. Since from the time you leave your homes, till the time you go to sleep at night, you will have encountered at least one or more homosexual or lesbian people, Enjoy! .

I hate ignorance.  People need to grow up.   We aren't livin in the dark ages here.  There is enough hate in this world.  This kind of childish attitude fosters all hate.  It doesn't effect u so get over yourselves and be human.   If that's possible. 

Fuck those people, he's fuckin hot and they probably look like trolls

People is ignorant about sexuality no matter where they are! Instead of being proud for the medals he won for his country in the olimpic games, the only thing they can "think" is tom's sexuality, it can't be possible.... well, fuck with them!

People is ignorant about sexuality no matter where they are! Instead of being proud for the medals he won for his country in the olimpic games, the only thing they can "think" is tom's sexuality, it can't be possible.... well, fuck with them!

It doesn't matter whether Tom Daley is gay, straight, or bisexual. That's not the point. The point is that he's a good man, he's an awesome diver, and he does his country right. In fact, I'm GLAD to see a young celebrity come out of the closet. He will be much happier in life now that he doesn't have to hide his identity. Not only does he do good things for his country, he's nice to look at, too. I have his calendar hanging on my wall right now.

Also, homophobia isn't a phobia. You're just scared.

Not a phobia. You're just scared.. Umm. Phobia is a fear, lol

This isn't pointed at you Jedediah 

homophobia isn't a phobia.. You're just a bigoted person. Look at history.. Women's suffrage, segregation, and Jewish segregation... People on the wrong side of history. It keeps happening.

really people really so what if he is bi ?????/ the real question is why are yall soo worried about it when we dont see yall tryng to take his place and look at yall pic ugh you wont make near or close to his success

They're scared that the more of us that come out...........means we're going to infect the "normal population" with our gayness and then it's going to be Armageddon, the Apocalyptical end of time, did you not know that that is how it's spread.  We're very powerful apparently!............


I'm proud of you Tom! Fuk The Haters, they have no clue. 

WTF!!! What the hell is wrong with you people!!?? He's gay, so what, how does that affect YOU!?? It doesn't, so get real, get a life!!!!

Wow Tom Daley is bisexual big whoop.  He's come out, get over it let him live as he wants to.  Sod anyone else, what we do in our lives has sweet FA to do with anyone else.  Next...............

What the  is wrong with you people from London, it doesn't matter if he's gay not, what truly is an oversight that at least he's bringing home medals to your country and  one have any decency?

It is freaking me out and  regardless of being, Heterosexual, Bisexual. or Gay [Homosexsual]

He is a true champion to say the least. I find it sad and hopefully a lager percentage of London’s societies finest is not so homophobes. BTW Homophobia is taboo

This is awful!!! He is a great athlete, an Olympian, and a wonderful person, he has more to his merit than all of these vial haters, cheers to you Tom!! God bless you!!

I can't understand why people hate you if you are gay... we are humans like you... what's the difference? We eat, we love, we have family etc.. I think you hate us because we are better persons than you..." live your life and let others to do whatever they want " try to be a better person. ..

That @alItomyself cunt, you are the most vile, disgusting filthiest piece of human waste your dumb ass mother and father ever created, they should've aborted you the minute they had the chance.

I agree with you about the abortion.. these fools all need a wake up call. go TOM..!!

You know it's a proven fact that homophobes who scream insults the loudest are doing so out of guilt over their own closeted homosexuality.. So keep screaming- ur only outing ur selves..LOL.  Love is love and we need more of it in this world.  All the best to you Tom!! U have millions of supporters so just ignore the minority of assholes..

well said!   so cool!

Thanks Ricardo.. I think it's great that so many people r coming out these days.. It's about time people start accepting the fact we are here to say.. I am a gay male who crossdresses and proud of it.  The more exposure a subject gets is the more accepted it will be..

 I am very proud for him being him! He is a great human being a great swimmer, a son, a brother and much more. Who cares what sexuality he likes  gay, straight bi?  All it matters is that he is a human being like the rest of us!   Why  attack gay-bi people for no reason? learned  from the prejudice that your parents or organize fake religions have taught you? SAD  That's sad! sad ! SEX  has nothing to do with being a decent respected human being !   God says  love thy neighbor, Love not hate!  The bible  doesn't teach us discrimination or to hate one another .  



There will always people who love you and dislike you, no matter what you do, who you are or who you love. But Tom probably came out at this point since he is ready to face the music, no matter what it's tone. The anti-gay idiots are just some people that lack education and a lot of respect for others. CONGRATULATIONS TOM FOR FINDING LOVE !!

What the hell is wrong with you people it doesn't matter if he's gay at least he's bringing home medals to your country have some freaking respect. He specifically said he still likes girls so he's bisexual.

well said  right!  he is a swimmer  that what people should focus!I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole,” Morgan Freeman -Actor   

well said  right!  he is a swimmer  that what people should focus!I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole,” Morgan Freeman -Actor   

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