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The Onion Takes On NYC's 'Stop And Kiss' Program

The Onion hilariously takes on New York City's "Stop and Frisk" laws with their own denouncement of the city's little known "Stop and Kiss" program. 

Take a look!

Bloomberg Defends NYPD’s Controversial Stop And Kiss Program

We don't know about you, but depending on the officer involved, we might be much more compliant.

What do you think of The Onion's take on the "controversy"??


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im sure that the illuminati has allot to do with it!


You guys are gay

That is truly insane and a kiss has nothing to do with the situation.. im sooo confused..

Are there really gay people that don't know what the Onion is? Seriously? To catch you up on other things you may not know, a black guy is President and you don't have to gut a lamb for safe sex anymore. Also, anal is legal in all 50 states, so get busy and leave those sheep babies alone.

I hope you are all aware that the Onion is a satyrical news source, meaning, that this is not true.

Cops are not kissing.. The real story is the cops can stop and FRISK you... not stop and KISS you.

I am all for it.

That's bs. I would beat down the officer or bite hip lips off. if he even tried for a kiss and gladly get arrested for it. 

I think what the kiss symbolizes is a way to take something good about humanity and make it something bad. The way they kiss potential "criminals" is done in such a way that whenever someone thinks of a kiss they associate it with something bad soon afterward. I agree it's absolutely ridiculous and I'm still looking into wether or not it's real because in my mind this can't really be real. Who would come up with such a ridiculous thing. Is the next thing to take effect cops raping you in public and stripping you of every last dignity you have?

Hold on, I'm seriously confused here. Maybe it's something obvious that im simply forgetting, but what would be the reason for stopping and kissing? In what way does a kiss give an officer justification to stop and frisk you? This in honestly the most ridiculous thing i think ive ever heard.

we have several local cops that can kiss me anytime

But why a kiss? How is it beneficial?

dependingon the officer I think I probably like it tom great britain

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