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Croatia To Pursue Civil Unions After Voters Ban Marriage Equality

The Vatican-backed ban on marriage equality approved by 60 percent of voters in Croatia has prompted the left-centrist government to pursue recognizing same-sex couples in the country anyway. 

The NYT reports:

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic’s center-left government said on Monday that it would move ahead with a proposed bill to afford same-sex couples many of the legal rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples, including hospital visitation and inheritance rights, though the bill does not include the right to adopt children.

Mr. Milanovic said he regretted that the referendum had even been held. “I think it did not make us any better, smarter or prettier,” he said.

The state electoral commission said that 66 percent of those who voted answered yes to the question, “Do you agree that marriage is matrimony between a man and a woman?” Turnout was relatively low, with about 38 percent of registered voters casting ballots. Analysts said the turnout suggested that the sluggish economy and 18 percent unemployment rate were more on Croats’ minds than gay marriage.


Poor question on the ballot. Poor turn out.  Question should have been phrased in reverse.  "Do you believe is acceptable to deny rights to adult citizens based on differences in certain characteristics?"

Seems a lot of education is still needed around the globe. LOVE = LOVE

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