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Bisexual Skydiver Performs Naked Skydive For Charity

We reported back in October on openly bisexual British skydiver Dan Cope's plan to skydive naked in support of the Donna Louise Children's Hospice--and now he's delivered! 

Check out his November 30 naked dive from 10,000 feet in the air!

Dan raised nearly $4000 for the Children's Hospice, but in the event that you're still feeling charitable feel free to donate more here!

He says:

“We were blessed with a lovely day, and I can actually say I think it was the best day of my life, knowing that a fantastic charity is going to benefit so much. The dive itself felt epic, words can’t explain the feeling! When I pulled my canopy open I was fortunate that the straps didn’t cause any permanent damage and I’m glad I managed to successfully land on my feet, saving me the embarrassment of grass stains on my bum!”

“To say the response to the skydive has been good would be an understatement. I wildly underestimated the kindness and generosity of people, and I’m overwhelmed by the response I’ve had. It’s touching that not just friends and family, but complete strangers from several different countries would pledge so much. Thank you all so much!”

Who knows, maybe if more money gets added Dan will release the uncensored footage?!

Great work, Mr. Cope!


Image Source (H/T: Pink News via Queerty)


Exactly.. Uncensored would bring a lot more money. 

If your going to censor it just put your clothes back on... 

And why do I need to know your bisexual.. Who cares... That is irrelevant 

Well I watched. Eager with anticipation. Got all the way to the jump, and what do they do? BLUR out the goods! Why even show the video?? Waste of time.

Sad 2c his junk blurred out :(

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